The Twelfth Month

I'm still speechless thinking back over this twelfth month with you... did it go by so fast? I have a hunch it's because of how busy you are!Once the warm days started last month you were out the door and did want to come inside for anything!
Well, maybe an occasional meal would entice you indoors, but then it was right back out! I love your curiosity and simple pleasure over the wind in the trees, chasing your shadow, and collecting rocks.
Now that you have your "wheels" we are cruising all around the neighborhood and you have quite the fan base of neighbors who we say hi to as we walk around. You are one very outgoing guy!
You also are becoming more opinionated about where you want to go. You know exactly which direction you want to walk, where you want to explore, and what you have your sights set on.
Your independence is growing more everyday and I admire your "do it myself" attitude. I pray that grows into a never give up attitude to accomplish what God has in store for your life.
Your overall personality just bloomed into a cheerful, friendly, and extroverted little guy! This past month you started learning how to share with other kids-not your favorite lesson, but you'll get it. You also started trying to make us laugh on purpose-you are a trip!
This twelfth month wraps up the first year we have been blessed to have you in our lives. The change in you from day one until now is indescribable. I am in awe over you and the young man you are becoming.
We can't wait to see what the years ahead bring!


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