Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Boy or Girl

The first half of a pregnancy is the hardest for me. Some women think I'm crazy and would argue it's when you are the size of a blimp, have swollen feet, back aches, and can't sleep that's the worst.
For me it's the beginning. The hopes, fears, and prayers of a healthy developing baby. Waiting to hear a heart beat for the first time, and the main thing for me...wondering boy or girl?
With two mini testosterone bundles my mind seems captured by this growing baby and wondering if we are getting ready to go triple shot espresso here, or branch out and try something completely new?
For the boy vote: I loved growing up in an all girl family, so I can only imagine the hilarity, competitiveness, friendships, and brotherhood that could grow from a family of all boys.
Plus, I think a boy may fit in with the tackling, wrestling, competing, showing off, eating non-stop atmosphere around here without too much adjustment.
For the girl vote: Can I just say "girl clothes?" Plus the idea of a soft haired beauty to doll up with bows and tutu's and teach how to bake cookies and put on make-up one day sounds kinda exciting.
I can see brothers turning to mush as they protect their princess and maybe a little tomboyness rubbing off as she plays football with the boys.
My heart tosses back and forth as I pray over our newest baby growing and kicking away. And I rest knowing God already hand picked this child for us and has the days designed for his/her life.
Whether boy or girl, this child is His and is prayed over, blessed, anticipated, and already loved beyond words by a very excited mom and dad and two very proud big brothers.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

When Inside

The boys don't understand this thing called the outdoor temperature. Once the sun is up they firmly believe they belong outside.
While that works for most days of the year, it's been a challenge to explain why rain, thunder, lightening, and rapidly cooling temperatures just don't comply with their outdoor play time.
So we've been creative with indoor energy outlets. We've built forts, hunted stuffed animals, pillow fought, and their new favorite...indoor water fights.
It doesn't start as a fight, but give two boys some measuring spoons, cups, and sinks full of water and a fight will ensue leaving all soaked, my floor washed, and excess energy depleted for at least 20 min. Win-win.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

14 Weeks

Pregnancy This Week
How Far Along: 14 weeks
Size of Baby: Size of a lemon or about 3 1/2 inches
Weight Gain: None...yet. I'm still waiting for the baby bump to appear, which is why I decided to forgo the side belly shot this week and pose with all "3" of my kids :)
Gender: I hope to find out sometime next month!
Movement: Not every day and not a ton yet, but mainly when I'm lying still I can feel those gentle flutters and taps.
Maternity Clothes: Not yet, still wearing all my normal stuff
Cravings: Turkey sandwiches and fresh fruit all the time, oh and really bad for you, nutritionally void, sugar covered cereals :)
Symptoms: Other than feeling wiped by the end of the day, I hardly know I'm pregnant most of the time, which is really nice with two very hyper active boys!
Best Moment of the Week: Harrison has nicknamed this baby "Sculley", a character on his favorite tv show. My sister actually found this name in a baby name book and it means, "town crier." I'm really hoping the nickname is not a foreshadowing of what's to come! :)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fall Fest v. Ham Fest

So, it really is no secret that things are done a little different here in Tennessee than back home in Virginia.
In Virginia we went to a fall festival steeped in rich heritage of early colonial days. There we would make dip candles, emboss leather, watch them stir large iron pots of homemade applesauce over open fire pits.
We would explore a corn maze, gather up a pumpkin or two, and drink some apple cider as we milled around the historical cite.
In Tennessee, well, once the weather gets that chilly edge and the leaves just start turning, they hold the Ham Fest. That would be ham as in all things "pig".
The Ham Fest included endless hours of fun for kids in bouncy houses and batting cages, local business mascots walking around in full costume, and monster truck rides.
Yes, the huge, rip roaring, monster-tired trucks, which the boys loved. Jefferson clapped and yelled, "Yay!" during his turn around the track.
But one thing Tennessee can do pretty well is food. And the line of wood smokers tantalizing us with their pit barbeque offerings reeled every single one of us in for some really good lunch.
And right behind our lunch table was the pig petting zoo. I didn't have the heart to tell a giggling Jefferson and pig wrestling Harrison what they had just finished eating, but it sure was an experience I'm glad we had. It made for a fun day of stories, fellowship with good friends, and some of the best barbeque I think you could find.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mr. Man

You crack me up kid. You love Dr. Suess and C.S. Lewis, and that pretty much sums up your personality. I have no idea what jaw dropping stunt you'll attempt or what's coming out of your mouth next. One minute you are quite profound attempting to explain deep theological issues, the next you are rhyming about bodily functions and imaginary creatures.
Last week you stopped a elderly lady in the store and asked her why she needed a cane and what happened to her. At first I apologized for your forwardness, but she shushed me off and answered everyone of your questions and said she enjoyed talking to you. You made her day by giving her your concern and attention.
But then there was the man with the long ponytail you boldly approached. "Man, why do you have girl hair?!" We'll be working on tact and discernment. You always have a different answer to give when someone asks your name. Lately you have identified yourself as Captain America, Iron Man, Luke Skywalker, Batman, Superman, and Pirate.
You have got a style all your own. You prefer blazers and loafers and love "dressing up nice." Though you are never one to pass up an opportunity to wear your jersey and "sword jeans" (also known as carpenter jeans with the loop.) This way you can carry a sword, strap on your cape, a Darth Vader mask, and a sheriff badge.
You are into "cooking" with me and are quite experimental. You've created all kinds of um, interesting meals. This morning you helped yourself to a pepperoni, bacon, and coffee bean sandwich. You love ordering for yourself at restaurants. You usually leave a pretty amused wait staff behind once we leave.
You cannot wait to "be as big as Daddy!" You daily check your arms and legs for man hair like Daddy has. You "shave" your beard every morning and look forward to being bigger than Mommy one day. You are quite the little man and I'm loving every day I'm blessed to spend with you!

Monday, October 15, 2012

13 Weeks

Pregnancy This Week
How Far Along: Well, that's a good question...one I'd like an answer to. But thanks to insurance red tape they will only cover one ultrasound before the big 20 week scan. So no matter how poor a measurement they got, we can only go off of that. So, to answer the question...the scan says 13 weeks, the doctor and myself think closer to 14-15 weeks...we'll nail down a better guess at the 20 week ultrasound.
Size of Baby: 3 inches long, about the size of a peach.
Weight Gain: None so far...been able to run every day...even helped relieve nausea!
Gender: Don't know yet...I think maybe boy just because this pregnancy has been identical to the boys'. But that could just be the way I am when pregnant. So excited to find out...but we still have awhile to go. Harrison says it's a parrot, though today he and Jeff agreed we are having a fish.
Movement: I'm pretty sure when I'm sleeping on my tummy I can feel those sweet little butterfly kisses inside.
Maternity Clothes: Not yet...I don't even have a little bump yet...kind wondering when I get to have some evidence to prove that there is indeed a baby in there.
Cravings: First, I have to say, thank goodness the nausea and food aversion (for the most part) are behind me! Not cool with two little bottomless pits who ask for food all day long! For now I crave fresh fruit, dry cereal, beef, and turkey sandwiches.
Symptoms: Feeling pretty good now...in fact, I have to keep reminding myself I am pregnant!
Best Moment of the Week: I didn't document this yet, so I will here, but 2 weeks ago we got to hear baby's heartbeat for the first time. It was in the 150's, same as both boys at this point in pregnancy. This week I have thoroughly enjoyed Harrison's take on how my belly will grow as baby does. He seems to think I will be a ginormous blob...love how encouraging his wording is! :)

Friday, October 12, 2012

Button Pushers

They've only known each other for just over a year, but they know exactly how to make the other laugh, fight, smile, or howl with frustration.
You know that thing about pushing buttons? They know every single one that the other has and they know the prime time to push them.
But they also know how to fist bump, clap each other on the back, share favorite snacks, and smirk with inside jokes and devious collaboration. It may cause messes, trauma, and broken dishes, but it sure is fun to see these little men becoming friends.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Little Lines

These little blue lines have meant a lot around here lately. They mean Matt was right, he knew all along. He knew about Baby3 first. They mean 3x the heart bursting blessed feeling. They mean morning afternoon/evening; hence the lack of blog posts.
They mean Pinterest is not a fun place with all the recipe postings and and to avoid FaceBook statuses about people's dinner menus. They mean a very excited extended family. They mean dreaming about little toes and newborn wrinkles.
They mean figuring out being way outnumbered when I venture into public. They mean questions and excitement from big brothers. They mean surprise, joy, anticipation, and prayers from these ecstatic parents. They mean way more than two little blue lines could ever say.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hide It In Your Heart

May He grant you your heart's desire...
And fulfill all your purpose.
Psalm 20:4

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Baby Talk

One of the most fun things about Baby 3 so far is that Harrison is older and more aware about it than he was with Jefferson.
This has been eye opening if not entertaining to see pregnancy, morning sickness, and babies through the eyes of a three year old. Baby 3 has created some comical quips around here.
When we first told Harrison the news of a coming new sibling he furrowed his brow and said, "Nah, I think we don't need another baby around here." Matt told him that God chose him to be the big brother and the leader to which he asked, "I'm in charge? Well then, we should have A LOT more kids!"
He's also been very helpful in suggesting names for his new sibling. So far his choices have included Poopy Head, Chicken Head, and Sculley...go figure. He has had sympathy morning sickness and cravings. The other day he just had to have a corn dog right then!
He will occasionally check in with me to make sure there is indeed a baby in my tummy since there is no baby bump yet and I assure him my belly will grow as the baby does. He informs me his tummy will be growing too because he has a storm trooper baby in his belly. This pregnancy is sure to have a whole new fun factor with the biggest brother giving us his take on it!