Throwback Thursday

Celebrating our past and blessings along the way.
Join us for Throwback Thursday!
In honor of Harrison's birthday month I'm going to have a few, several, a lot of posts about our first year with him and all the lessons learned, smiles, tears, and prayers for our boy.

The day we finally met Harrison was perfect. Only seven hours passed from my first contraction until he was placed in my arms. I will never forget that moment or those feelings. I remember my first words to him were, "Hi baby, I'm your mommy. I love you." I don't remember anything going on around me I just remember being completely in love looking at the tiny wrinkled face. Matt stroked Harrison's little cheek and I kissed his forehead and we prayed for our son. Within the next hour we were able to introduce him to the grandparents and aunts as we all soaked up the moment of his arrival. Day one was perfect, but it was just the start of an amazing journey we have set out on.


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