Thursday, March 31, 2011

More Birthday-The Cake!

My little man absolutely loves to help in the kitchen. He is so excited to help measure ingredients and use, "Mommy's toys" aka, the mixer, blender, etc. So when I asked if he wanted to help make his cake, Harrison was all over that project! He was ready to get started the second we walked in the door from church as evidenced by his attire - which being the observant mom I am did not think about changing until after he was covered with red food coloring. Oh well, nothing a little bleach didn't fix :) Harrison's favorite part of cooking is my long standing rule of being able to taste as you go. It's only right that the chef sample everything, just to make sure it's ok. So Harrison's little fingers plunged into flour, cake batter, and icing. Most of the time it didn't stop at his fingers. He was caught up to his elbows in the blue batter later on :)
But what is a birthday without having the time of your life, and clearly covered in cake batter was giving Harrison the time of his two-year-old life!
I had found this great sounding recipe for a tie-dye cake where you pour several different colors in each pan. I thought it was easy enough and that Harrison would love all the bright colors.
Well, I was right! Harrison loved the colors and it sure did look really neat...before baking :/
For some reason, after removing from the pans, the cakes just literally fell apart before our eyes. No way I could decorate that mess. Of course Harrison dove right in with both fists and had a blast devouring the "broken cake."
So after a quick run to the store to pick up another round of ingredients, I scratched the tie-dye cake and went for a bright red layer and blue layer. Harrison had requested an "orange cake". I have no idea what he meant, but I figured a healthy layer of bright orange frosting would do the trick and his orange cake became a... ...Basketball! (For some reason the picture keeps downloading sideways and I cannot get it to turn.) Since we are in the throws of March Madness, Harrison has seen a lot of basketball games and was thrilled to have his own basketball cake!
I think it was a big hit. And don't worry, this time I made sure his nice clothes were off before he dove in!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Harrison's Birthday Weekend

Like I have mentioned before, we go all out for birthdays. We absolutely love them and celebrating the birthday person so we drag it out as long as we can. This year, Harrison was old enough to have an opinion about how he wanted to celebrate and it was so fun to see him truly enjoy celebrating his birthday! We took him out for breakfast Saturday morning to his favorite breakfast place. This kid ate twice as much as I did! He is a tank and can put away some food. I am totally enjoying this "Kids Eat Free" for as long as I can. And because it was his birthday weekend and I may or may not have been an over-indulgent mom when I let him choose out some desserts with his breakfast. Then we were off to every kid's favorite place...Toy's "R" Us! There is no way I could ever describe to you Harrison's reaction every time we go there. He is just in awe over the toys and gets super giddy.
I think we have as much fun as he does just watching him explore and browse the whole store over. He fell in love with this power wheeler. I know a lot of kids get cars for their birthdays...but $600 for a 2-year-old was a bit steep.
"Please can we drive it home?"
Harrison it obsessed with "Cars" right now, so when we saw Lightening McQueen he went nuts! He was really confused in this picture as to why Lightening McQueen wasn't going fast at that moment.

Stay tuned for more of Harrison's birthday weekend celebration...:)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Our Birthday Boy

Two years ago our lives forever changed in a way neither Matt or I could ever have imagined. Our incredible first born son, Harrison, was born on March 28 at 8:23 pm and each minute since has been so richly blessed. Over the past two years you have quickly gone from a helpless infant to our emerging young man and we couldn't be more proud of you!

These days you are full of imagination and exploration. You love playing with police cars, fire trucks, and matchbox cars for hours! You love playing golf and basketball. You love shooting your "rifle"(which happens to be an ink pen), and your pistols (water gun). You love "foo knacks" (AKA fruit snacks). I don't even want to know how much the combined weight would be of all the "foo knacks" you have consumed. You love to help me cook and bake and you are getting really good about following directions! You would live outside if you could, you love to climb any and everything - even if it's technically not for climbing, and you love to tackle, wrestle, and "flip upside down!" You love to lead and be out front. You are very outgoing and make friends very easily. And some of our favorites are that you love to give us random hugs and kisses and "I love you's". You love to get your Bible every night so Daddy can read from "God's Word". You love clapping and saying, "Yay Jesus!" when we talk about all He has done for us. You are truly growing in wisdom, and stature, and favor with God and man. We love you Harrison, our big two-year-old guy!


Sunday, March 27, 2011

"Happy Day Song"

In 24 hours we will be celebrating Harrison's second birthday! We are having a fun filled birthday weekend around here doing all things "Harrison" :) If you don't know, we have a tradition called birthday month where we do special things for the birthday person all month long. It is a neat time to celebrate that person individually and the small little things that they like. This month we have been playing a lot of matchbox cars, taking long wagon rides, enjoying orange tic tacs, and making smoothies on the weekends- a lot of Harrison's favorites.
We will very much so miss being close to family tomorrow on Harrison's special day, but being able to celebrate with them before the move was very special. Thank you all for giving Harrison such a wonderful 2nd birthday!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Harrison's First, Second Birthday!

Since we knew our move to Tennessee would make it a little difficult for family to be here for Harrison's second birthday, we celebrated a little early. We threw an awesome football party for him and the NFL was even kind enough to throw a huge football game called the "Superbowl" for him on the same day!
To say this guy loves himself some attention would be an understatement. He was so excited about everything...the presents, the cameras taking pictures, the candles, the birthday song, and even the birthday hats which he requested!
His grandpa made him the most awesome football cake! It was an edible perfect scale model football field complete with stands, referees, and a sweet and sour offensive and defensive line-up.
Don't let that stoic face fool you- he was totally into his getting sung to. I have the video to prove it and I will post it later. To this day he asks me to sing him the birthday song every now and then.
"Daddy! You're getting my football cake!"
"Oh, I get to eat it? Then cut away!"
We let him pick which piece he wanted and he was very specific. He wanted a part of the field with the referee on it- maybe it's a future career choice?
And please pardon the lovely brown stain down the front of his t-shirt. He had helped himself to his Daddy's Starbucks earlier in the day. I figured he was already stained so I left it on him for the cake eating festivities.
Opening presents, of course, was a favorite. Funny how you don't have to train certain responses isn't it? You say it's time to clean up toys and it's not met with much enthusiasm. You say it's time to open presents and the floodgates of pure joy burst forth- neither response ever being taught.
Last year I remember helping him tug the corners of the wrapping paper to get started, by the second birthday kids have gone pro and they rip into those brightly colored surprises like seasoned veterans.
Only two birthdays in his lifetime so far and he already knows to anticipate, to be giddy with excitement, to give appropriate gasps of delight - what an entertainer!
I've been celebrating decades of birthdays now and they are always exciting and I always look forward to them, but the two we've shared with this guy have been so much more.
It really makes me think about our Heavenly Father and how He loves to give us gifts as well. I see from a parental perspective how much sweeter it is to give our children gifts than our own selves. Such a blessing to see their joy and excitement!
Harrison had a great time at his first, second birthday! From the fun hats, to the special football cake, to playing with fun new toys all afternoon, it was a very blessed day and one I'm very glad we got to spend with family before we moved. Rest up party boy, your actual birthday is this Monday and we have some more partying to do! :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

23 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights
How Far Along: 23 Weeks
Size of Baby: 11 1/2 inches head to toe
Weight Gain: I knew this baby boy had grown! At the doctor on Monday we figured up that I have gained a total of 10 lbs so far!
Maternity Clothes: I'd say we are a pretty solid 50/50 between maternity and regular. I can see those odds shifting in maternity clothes favor over the next few weeks with the way this boy is growing!
Gender: Boy!
Movement: This kid knows how to party late-around ten or eleven every night! He is getting more responsive to our voices and that is a lot of fun.
Sleep: Typically ok, still have midnight cravings so it's not rare to find me raiding the fridge when everyone else is soundly sleeping.
What I Miss: Nothing really-this has been a great trimester so far!
Cravings: Still wanting to raid Taco Bell and drown my order in Taco sauce.
Symptoms: Is it too early to be nesting? I'm starting to get some of those impulses and Matt calms me down by reminding me that we still do have several months to go :)
Best Moment of The Week: Being able to start calling this little man by name! I love saying and hearing others talk about my boys, Harrison and Jefferson.
Big brother holding Strong's Concordance which is about the length of Jefferson this week!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Put Me In The Zoo

Put Me In The Zoo has to be one of my all time favorite books. If you haven't read it, I recommend heading to the library and rectifying the situation. Maybe it's because I loved this book since I was a kid, or maybe I just love being outside so much, but one of my favorite places to visit is the zoo! If I could plan a perfect day, a trip to a zoo would probably be on the list.
I was so excited to find out there was a zoo here! On the warmest day of the year so far, Harrison and I packed up and headed to spend the day exploring. I was hoping his combined love of being outside and animals would be in my favor! Neither of us was disappointed! Harrison could not have had more fun! I think he finally believed me that the pictures of animals he had been seeing in his books actually do exist in real life.
The guy was completely taken with the elephants, giraffes, ostrich, and meerkats. They even had an indoor aquarium complete with boa constrictors, giant cat fish, and every kind of snake known in the Americas.
Harrison started off in the stroller, a tad unsure of the screaming macaw parrots and the competing group of screaming children just ahead of us. But he soon was out and wanting to explore on his own.
He proudly led the way through each habitat and tried to guess what the animals were, though at one point I think he was just having too much fun being independent.
The day was really neat just Harrison and I walking around. I didn't realize I could love going to a zoo more than I did, but seeing it all new with Harrison made it so much more!
Of course, my boy was at times way more interested in finding "big sticks", proudly scaling the boulders, and trying every chance he could to blaze new trails off the main paths... all of which kept me thoroughly entertained!
I also think the zoo had some kind of subliminal messaging system only Harrison could pick up on. It was something along the lines of, "Try to find a way to get wet in as many water sources as you can- including but not limited to puddles, hoses, ponds, alligator enclosures, and elephant baths."
All in all it was a great day! We will be going back every chance we can and I have a feeling we will come back with some interesting stories each time we do.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hello, My Name Is...

Jefferson Lee Clark! Proudly introducing our second son, Jefferson Lee Clark! Jefferson means: peace, humble, with God's blessing Lee: his Papa's middle name We are so excited to be able to call this little boy by name and pray for him by name. It is so sweet to hear Harrison talk about, "Jepperson Wii". It makes me smile to hear him talk about teaching "Jepperson" to play cars, etc. I love my two boys, Harrison Robert, and Jefferson Lee.