The Third Month

By your third month, your personality was out in full force! You loved looking at that cute baby in the mirror. One of your favorite things was sitting in your chair by the patio door listening to the summer rain fall-you have always loved anything with the outdoors.
You found your favorite toys-this orange football has been a fixture since the third month!
We celebrated Daddy's birthday-you began a zeal for balloons that has only grown since! You started sitting up-believe it or not-we well knew by this point just how independent you were.
You hammed it up for the camera... infectious grins and smiles. Month 3 was a blast as it was the start of summer time... ...and many more fun and adventures (and naps) to come...


  1. Such cute shots...sitting up at 3 months is amazing! :) And you looked great 3 months post-partum!


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