The Sixth Month

Our first half a year with you had truly been a blessing! At the half year mark you were our Superman in training trying to balance and stand!
You had become quite the dashing little man! You and your Daddy had a blast celebrating your first football season! Your Dad insists you were born a Redskins fan.
You also started picking out your own clothes! You grabbed this off a rack in Target and you were thrilled with yourself-so being the weak mom I am over your sheer joy I had to buy these orange pj's for you!
You loved riding in the sling-I think because you felt like I was holding you the whole time but I could still get stuff done hands free!
You became even more independent as you started playing on your own, entertaining yourself with interactive toys...
...or that handsome boy in the mirror!
We took you to the State Fair for the first time and in this picture your face says it all-you were enthralled!
Our first six months with you were truly a blessing and full of joy and learning for all of us! The next half year would fly by just as quickly and be just as sweet!


  1. These pictures are so cute. I can't get over how much he looks like his dad! :) Love those orange PJ's!

  2. HE IS SO CUTE!!!!

    oh my goodness he may be the most adorable 6month old ive ever seen, his smile is just PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    these pictures made me smile and even laugh!!! you are truly blessed!!!!

  3. Thanks guys! He pretty much melts me with that smile. I think he is pretty cute too and as his Dad says, "I think we'll keep him!" Haha!


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