The Eighth Month

Once you were mobile life took another huge adjustment-but for the better! You got into everything, including every cabinet. Let's just say that while I fixed dinner, you kept me very entertained!
And while eating your dinner, you kept us very entertained!
You were such a ham and loved giving us one of your grins for the camera any time.
Your Daddy and I took you to vote with us. Of course you tried to eat Daddy's ballot!
You were and still are quite the cuddle bug when you are sleepy, and when someone can't cuddle with you, you will find something that can- like my robe.
You discovered the fridge and since then it has been a world of exploration for you, and a world of more messes to clean up for me. But at least you are cute!
During your eighth month we entered into the lovely mid Atlantic winter weather- typically cold rainy days, you were not a fan.
We lost power during one of those rainy fall evenings and you and I had a candlelight dinner!

We also started going to the playground and you loved it!
The eight months we had with you so far had been full, exciting, and adventurous. But I could hardly wait, because the holidays were coming!


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