'Lil Slugger

Harrison had even more birthday practice this weekend!His Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt Nicole, and Aunt Tiffany came to visit and brought a bag of wrapped gifts. Harrison discovered the bag while we were eating lunch and helped himself to the presents!
And once again our thorough little un-wrapper made sure to get off every little piece! After unwrapping the gifts our little guy was transformed into...
...our little slugger!
Harrison comes from a long line of Braves fans and Grandpa helped suit him up to take his spot cheering them on this season!
I feel so mixed emotions-on the one hand, he doesn't look a thing like my baby boy anymore-this is my boy on his way for little league try outs (at least in a few years). So on the other hand I'm so stinkin proud of my little guy and who he is becoming!
Batter Up!


  1. Don't worry, he isn't *quite* grown up yet: he still only wants to eat the bat. ;)

  2. That's my Little Slugger! Last night he and I were playing ball. I would hit it. He would run (toddle) around the living room chasing it, and then throw/bring it to me to hit again. We had a blast.


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