The Tenth Month

Oh what fun the tenth month had in store! For Harrison was growing fast and getting into more and more! At this point he became well known for crawling into the shower with us and getting soaked, laughing the whole time! He also became quite the little helper! He would help me eat, sort and put away the groceries...
...and he was a big helper in the kitchen tasting my cooking and letting me know if I needed to add anything. At ten months he started exhibiting his pouty side, but my what a cute pouter he was! But for the most part our guy was handsome, happy, and very obedient!
Bath time remained and remains an all time favorite! Between your rubber ducky and the splashing I don't know what makes you giggle more!You continued to be my little errand buddy. You are a guy and I know shopping isn't your favorite, but you sure do make it more entertaining as I get us groceries. I really appreciate how easy you make the necessary trips to the store! At ten months you also became very big on sharing food. It seemed the slimier it was the more you felt it was necessary to share! What a selfless little guy! Yep, my big ten month old you were and you were growing fast! Every day was a complete joy!


  1. SOOO CUTE!!!

    my absolute favorite is the Bath time picture!!!!


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