Monday, March 31, 2014

Party Like We're Five

I'm addicted to celebrating, so around here we totally give in to my inner party animal. For example, what good are birthdays if they aren't covered in partiness?
Harrison's been putting up with enjoying my celebratory craziness for five years now, so he wasn't too shocked to wake up to his room filled with gold and camo balloons (keeping with his fighter jet themed party).
And the gold streamers blocking his entire bedroom door didn't really phase this seasoned child of a party-mad woman. But walking down the stairs to parents surprise attacking him with silly string got to him a a good way...I think?
And for the most part these guys soak up their birthdays as we look for every little opportunity to celebrate them. Harrison picked "those eggs in bread that pop with gold in them" (hole-in-one eggs), and sausage for breakfast.
Then we went to the "chip place" (Chipotle) for lunch. Then a quick stop in a grocery store gave us all a surprise when an employee named Eddie gifted Harrison a large tray of strawberries. When we returned to say thank you one more time he was completely gone...I hear angels like to celebrate too :)
We played Wii, read favorite books, and for dinner Harrison requested 'fire and knife' place. The kid was so partied out he fell asleep on the way home and I got to cradle my sleeping birthday boy and try to find some trace in his sleeping face of the tiny infant that was placed in my arms five years ago that night.
But even with jet fighter birthday parties, leagues of grandparents, aunts, and uncles with insane talents of spoiling and gift picking, sugar highs and sugar crashes, lack of sleep, brothers attacking new gifts, losing and finding new toy pieces, paper decorations, wishing his voice would change to a man voice now that he's five, and growing over an inch since Christmas...
He's also learning in his own way to celebrate and keep the party going. I thought I was the one planning the surprises for his big day, yet all on his own he bought me flowers for being his "beautiful amazing Mommy" and then curled up in my lap. "Mommy, I'm a little sad that one day I'll be too big for you to hold. But when that day happens, it will be ok, because then I'll be big enough to hold you." And with those words, he gave me the best gift given the entire day :)

Friday, March 28, 2014

Birthday Interview: 5 Year Edition

Me: Ok Harrison, ready for your birthday interview
Harrison: Yep! Well, maybe...I might be kinda not sure or laugh you off your feet. 
Me: Oh we go.
What's your favorite color: Gold
What's your favorite thing to play? LEGO's
What's your favorite movie? Spy Kids (we don't own this, crazy kid)
What's your favorite thing to eat for lunch? Salty noodles (that would be adding salt to the boiling water for pasta.)
What's your favorite thing to wear: Nothing (I have no words...and he's laughing hysterically.)
What's your favorite game? Wii
What's your favorite snack? Cheezies (Cheeze-Itz)
What's your favorite song? Angel Armies
What's your favorite book? Dr. Suess books
Who's your best friend? Jaden
What's your favorite thing to do outside? Football, and mud, ride my bike, and bobsledding. (What?!)
What's your favorite holiday? Summertime, summertime, summertime, and my birthday!
What's your favorite thing to sleep with? Airplane
What's your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? *insert potty humor word*-sausage
What's your birthday dinner? Fire and knife place
What do you want to be when you grow up? A jet fighter pilot and I'll drive a motorcycle when I'm not flying.
What's your favorite tv show? Octonauts
What's your favorite fruit? Apples, no, no wait, oranges, not apples, I think.
What's your favorite animal? None, ok maybe dogs.
What's your favorite thing to drink? Lemonade
What's your favorite special treat? Suckers with gum in them.
What's your favorite Bible verse? Leviticus 26:6 and Matthew 7:12
Harrison: Ok Mommy, can we be done questioning?
Me: Sure baby...
Harrison: Did I laugh you up? I did some funny!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Once Upon A Harrison...

March 28, 2009, at 8:23, you're looking into my eyes.
And with one look I fell head over heels.
You made me a mommy, your mommy.
And one of the greatest adventures that ever was began...
...the story of, "You".
With five chapters so far, as of this week, I can't put it down.
An adventure already brimming with heroics and conquests you've never let a page go to waste.
Once upon a time you found ink pens, and discovered they drew wonderfully on your tummy, your arms, and your legs...along with my bedsheets, your t-shirt, and a pillow.
Once upon a time you figured out how to open the fridge, and raid the cheese drawer, and leave me one ingredient short for that night's dinner.
Once upon a time you excitedly announced you found new shiny red bouncy balls to throw. I discovered red juice and seeds covering my kitchen walls...
...and then I realized you had picked off every last one of my cherry tomatoes to "bounce".
Once upon a time you moved, then again, then again, then again...changing cities, states, toys, and beds.
Once upon a time you had to get ear tubes, and then follow up for years with an audiologist where you pretended to fail the hearing tests so you could "play the ear games more."
Once upon a time you became a big brother and didn't think much of that title change. But you've shown him everything you know which makes you both awesome and now you love your title.
Once upon a time you became a big brother again and like to think your "ranks" are growing as you take charge, all the time, and try to convince us you need at least "7 more kids" to lead.
Once upon a time you drove a boat, rode a horse, flew in a plane, held a gun, used a drill, jump started an engine, built a fire, fixed us dinner, took patients' blood pressures, ironed your shirt, hung a picture, were on tv, and in a movie.
Once upon a time you decided you were tired about people asking you what Santa was bringing for Christmas, so in the middle of the crowded store you stood up and announced, "Santa is not the real reason for Christmas. Let's talk about Jesus, it's His birthday..." and proceeded to lead aisle 9 in "Silent Night."
Once upon a time you gave your life to Christ and have chased after your Father from the second you became His.
Once upon a time you decided the most effective way to help put the clean dishes away was to launch them like grenades up into the open cabinets.
Once upon a time you were certain you were a Jedi and had full use of the force since store doors would "open" at your command.
Once upon a time you decided when you grow up you'd be a cowboy, a firefighter, a police man, a spy, a ninja, a pilot, an army guy, a motorcycle man, a missionary, a mountain climber, a quarter back, and a Dad.
Once upon a time you got 22 stitches and now have an awesome war story to tell about your mark of bravery over your eye.
Once upon a time you hid under your Daddy's desk as gunshots rang off while singing, "Angel Armies" in your fight over fear.
And the "once upon a times"...don't stop, and won't stop, because this a story to be told and to keep writing.
This is your story Harrison. And it's only the beginning. Five chapters in and you're already one of the strongest, bravest, soldiers of God...
...and the pages ahead are ripe for the words to be laid upon them by your Author.
To an incredible first five chapters, and to the many adventure filled ones to come...
I love you my little man.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

These Are A Few Of The Things That I've Cleaned

(For your complete enjoyment; sing along, in your head, to the tune of 'My Favorite Things'. It's cheesy, but just go with it.)
Mud caked on rain boots and sopping wet mittens...
Unknown sticky substances tracked through the kitchen...
Torn paper pieces, glue, tape, tangled string...
These are a few of the things that I've cleaned...
Cream colored walls with grape jelly hand-prints...
Door ways, and carpets with bright Cheeto imprints...
Wild men that wrestle and knock over things...
These are a few of the things that I've cleaned.
When the day's long, and they're going strong, and the messes grow...
I simply remember that boys grow fast too...and then I don't feel so bad.
"Some of the best days, are the messiest ones" -Me