Thursday, July 21, 2016

Help Me Pray

Wilson is three years old now and very much into "I can do it myself". He doesn't want to have to hold my hand or have me spotting him on playground apparatus. But there is one thing he always asks for help. "Mommy, help me pray?"
It's almost as if he's aware of the sovereign act we are engaging in. He isn't scared or helpless but he understands the need to approach the throne of God with respect and an attitude of a teachable spirit. His wild and crazy self calms to a still as he folds his hands and squinches his eyes shut. 
"Dear God..., Mommy, help me pray?" Those words squeeze my heart as I take my son's hand and together we go before our Father, telling Him about our day, praising Him for the blessings it held, asking for forgiveness and wisdom, and always ending with Wils' precious little voice, "I love you God!" 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Happy Birthday Jefferson, M.D.

 Jefferson has been gifted with a very gentle, calming, and discerning character. 
This comes through with the way he interacts with siblings and friends by being the one to sacrifice a favorite toy, give up the last special treat, or let everyone go ahead of him. 
 He is also quick to rush in whenever he perceives someone is upset or not feeling well. 
 His baby sister can't get out more than a few tearful sobs before he is by her side trouble shooting the situation. 
 His natural bent to listen, care, and protect has been coming through in his desire to be a doctor one day. 
 He has decided he wants to be "a doctor that takes care of kids." And there's no doubt in this world that he will be incredible at it if that is indeed the path God has planned for him. 
 So in light of his career passion, he requested a doctor themed birthday party months ago and sent us whirling into a creative frenzy to come up with doctor themed party ideas. 
 My sister once again pulled from her own creativity and with the help of our nurse Mamaw and other great ideas from family we created Jefferson the doctor party he had envisioned. 
 He had his own clinic with bandages and gauze, a stethoscope and tongue depressors. Not sure all he diagnosed that day, but every one of his patients ended up wrapped in some kind of bandage. 
His talented aunt made him his dream doctor cake complete with "medicine" and a syringe. 
 He was surrounded by incredible family and friends who have watched him grow these past five years into the little man he is as he opened presents and blew out candles. 
 We had a blast celebrating this incredible guy and his doctor themed party! We can't wait to see how God uses the personality we are seeing in our Jeff. It's been a rich five years and we can't wait for all that's ahead as we watch him grow in wisdom, stature, and favor with God and men! 

Friday, July 8, 2016

My Country Tis of Thee

Our July 4th started cloudy, gloomy, cold, and rainy. 
Not sure if "bombs bursting in air" was going to be on the agenda so we did the next best thing and went to Chick-Fil-A. 
Once we got the two younger kiddos in bed the rain let up enough to give Matt the idea to run and grab some last minute fireworks from a parking lot vendor. 
Even though it was misting the entire time, it wasn't enough to dampen fuses or excitement. 
The big boys stayed up hours past their bedtime with Matt making all kinds of explosions and flames. It was better than Christmas morning. 
They both agreed America's birthday is one of the best and they wished we could celebrate it more often. 
In light of all the darkness in our country it's hard to celebrate watching the direction we are headed as a nation. It's hard to know what kind of country these sparkler wielding boys will be growing up in. 
But I do know this, I know this country's birthday is celebrated because remarkable men and women of God took an incredibly bold stand and some even lost their lives. They persevered to provided their children's children one nation under God, and so will we. 
America needs more warriors on their knees willing to take incredibly bold stands for Christ. And that's what we celebrate, even in this dark and heavy time, the strength we find on our knees before the throne of God in a country we are free to do so. 
God Bless America.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

A Whole Hand Birthday Interview

Jefferson's official birthday interview!
What's your favorite color: Blue!
What's your favorite toy: My Captain America shield and mask
What's your favorite movie: Baymax!
What's your favorite food: Well, I do like those peas, and oh yeah, donuts! Those are special treats I like!
What is your favorite game: uh, how about tag!
What is your favorite snack? goldfish! 
What's your favorite song: You know what that is, Jesus is my Superhero! 
What's your favorite book: Star Wars ones, all of them!
Who's your best friend: My brothers, my whole family!
What's your favorite thing to play outside: Shoot my rocket up!
What do you want to be when you grow up: A doctor, a doctor that takes care of kids.
What's your favorite holiday: Christmas, because we get to celebrate God!
What's your favorite thing to sleep with: My blue!
What's your birthday meal: It's going to be Chick-a-Fway or the chip place (Chipotle). 
What's your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?: Bagel with honey
What's your favorite thing to watch on TV: The Lego Avengers one on Netflix!
What's your favorite fruit: Blueberries! All the blueberries!
What's your favorite animal: It's in the ocean, it's a shark, a whale shark. They're nice. 
What's your favorite thing to drink: Root beer in the glass bottles (IBC), it's my favorite. But I really like coffee and lattes too! 
What's your favorite Bible verse: The Sword sword! (Hebrews 4:12) I love that one! 
Jefferson, where do I start? You leave me speechless, truly. You are such a consistently caring, detailed, protector that I just catch my breath sometimes watching you hardly able to believe God chose me to be your Momma. You make us so proud as we watch the decisions you make to serve and honor God and your family. You are such a patient and gentle teacher to your younger siblings.
You have the best, deepest grin that makes the whole room brighter and a laugh that's contagious. You're brave and love working on your muscles. I call you my Cap because you are a Captain America. Your heart is huge towards others and you give selflessly. You love pistachios by the pound and climbing to the highest point of the playground. We love your whole being with all of ours Jefferson! We are so proud of you and the man you are becoming! Happy 5th Birthday to you our Jefferson! We love you!