Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Kids really do say the funniest things and our little man is no exception. Trying out phrases and words he overhears keeps us entertained to say the least.
Just today I asked him if he remembered where he put my phone. "Hmmm, let me just think about that for a minute," he said as he tapped his finger to his chin.
And there was the time he was playing in another room calling for me to come and join him. I was busy and couldn't come right away so after many attempts at calling me he finally exclaimed, "Don't make me come in there, Mommy!"
And then there's his help with the grocery list. He always adds items like poptarts, french fries, sausage, and a new car. The guy orders a "Venti, caramel, no whip" at Starbucks, and is forevermore trying to convince me that looking at the toy section in any shopping establishment is a "good idea!" I can't wait to hear what he comes up with next!

Monday, November 28, 2011


Nothing in this world can quite prepare you for the first time you hear your baby's heartbeat. The loud thumping coming from the doppler giving proof to your little one's existence when they are barely inches long.
And then there is the heart squeezing moment when your baby takes his first breath of life and gives you the most beautiful sound on earth...his first cry. You pull that swaddled bundle against you as he wails, but no other sound is better.
And then that tiny red faced newborn starts getting round chubby cheeks and pudgy little fingers. His little newborn whimpers become full forced hollering, but it's ok, because your growing baby has also found his vocal skills in other areas.
That precious little baby is now babbling and cooing, talking a mile a minute about who knows what and hearing that precious little voice trying to get your attention is music to your ears.
And then comes the moment when those babbles take off and the first words come. Hearing that tiny little voice saying "Da-Da" and "Ma-Ma". It never gets old. It is the biggest privileged and blessing to be called mommy and I will cherish it always.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

What's In Your Water?

We took Harrison to a park near my parent's house. Mind you this park is a fresh water, man made pond the size of a football field.Harrison spied the lake and, like a magnet, was drawn to explore the water's edge. He got as close as one possibly could without falling in.With careful tracking and observation he declared the muddy pond to be teaming with crocodiles...but after further consideration he decided there were "no crocodiles in here".Then, as we were about to leave the lake, Harrison spied a large dorsal fin and started shouting, "Shark!!!!" We all encouraged his discovery with the appropriate shrieks and screams as we ran from the floating log. It's amazing what one can find in a freshwater, man-made pond in November.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

With A Grateful Heart

Whereas it is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey His will, to be grateful for His benefits, and humbly to implore His protection and recommend to the People of the United States a day of public Thanksgiving and prayer to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many signal favors of Almighty God.
-George Washington

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Simple Things

Amazing how we take little things for granted. Even during this time of year that we focus our attention on things we are thankful for, we still overlook simple things that make our lives easier, fuller, and more fun.Every night at bedtime we go around saying what we are thankful for. We have really tried to thank God for things we don't usually remember to show our gratitude about.But to Harrison it just comes naturally to spill out things we would think as simple, but make his life so rich and full.Harrison loves talking to God and telling him about the playground and being thankful for climbing on it, and sliding down the slide. He is thankful for his shoes, his matchbox cars, and paper towels to eat snack on.He thanks God for his water bottle, his leather belt, and goldfish crackers. He gets specific, detailed, and giddy as he tells his Heavenly Father all things He has given, provided, and blessed his little life with.It has been a blessing, and a lesson in gratitude for Matt and me as we listen to our two year old's thankful heart. What simple things are you thankful for?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Letter "F"

We had such a fun week with the letter "F"....I kinda had a feeling we would with all the fun things that start with the letter "F"!We learned all about fall and the changing leaves. We made foods with flour. We did things fast...which Harrison had no problem with. His autopilot is set to fast all the time.We made a fort and did our school inside it. We learned about our sense of touch and being able to feel if something is hot or cold.I learned my little man is quite the pyromaniac as we studied fire...well a pathetic flame withering in melted wax, but to him it might as well have been a raging inferno. (Please disregard his self applied watercolor paint goatee :)We watched Nemo (you know, the "fish movie"), he saw frogs in a stream, we counted forks at meal time as we set the table. "F" was a lot of fun...Harrison now thinks we need to do school in a fort from now on!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Our Seasons

There is some serious football watching in our household. We pull out the buffalo wings and chips and dip. We dress head to toe in our team gear and we cheer and holler as our teams fight for a win.
Football season is always looked forward to, it sort of softens the blow that summer is ending and cold air is coming. In fact, it would be ok if we just had summer, football, basketball, and spring.And with my household of testosterone it more than likely will be this way as I prepare to be the "soccer mom". I'm pretty sure my seasons will revolve around shin guards and shoulder pads, catcher's mitts and Air Jordans....and I can not wait :)

Friday, November 18, 2011


From the time Harrison was about 6 months old he has dragged his beloved airplane blanket around behind him everywhere he goes. It's been in cars, on planes, on grass, in mud, in hotels, on the beach, in the mountains, zoos, and aquariums.Airplane is never far from our little man. It has been extremely loved and no matter how sticky, stinky, or stale the thing gets, to Harrison, it is perfect. We actually have three airplanes to rotate as they become dirty, though Harrison is unaware of the duplicates.Just recently he has started leaving it behind when we head out. Even more recently he leaves it in his bed when he gets up. I know this is part of growing up and I'm proud of the independent and confident little man he is. I'll miss his dragging airplane around, but I have another little guy following right along who is already attaching himself to his own "airplane".

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Life is fragile, fleeting, and unpredictable. All to often we take for granted waking up and starting our day. We get stressed with running errands, keeping schedules, and completing day to day tasks. We rush, we overlook, we forget.It is times when we see a loved one go home to be with Jesus that we actually slow down to think about life and the gift it is. Life does change, as fast as the seasons do. We are not guaranteed our next breath yet we somehow forget that during the grocery shopping, bill paying, child raising, laundry, carpooling, and time crunched days.If you have given your life to Christ then you know the security and joy of living life in His hands and one day spending eternity with our Heavenly Father. But in the meantime remember how fast the green leaves fall from the trees, your little ones grow, the days march on, and anticipated events become memories. Take time to remember and enjoy this gift of life.

Monday, November 14, 2011


Harrison is at that stage where he is a little copy cat. He repeats everything he sees and hears. This is pretty entertaining for the most part as he tries to mimic things and completely messes up big words in the cutest way possible.He re-enacts every tackle of a football game and fills up his "car" at the gas pump. He repeats the waiter at the restaurant and the check out clerk at the grocery store. He copies my cooking as he stirs his imaginary batter. His favorite though, is to mimic and follow his Daddy.He is his Daddy's shadow. They shave together, brush teeth together, read together, and watch sports together. Harrison wants to be just like him. It makes me stop and think if I have the same passion for following my Heavenly Daddy. Am I as vigilant about walking in His steps, going where He leads, and being excited to do it? Just something to think about.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hide It In Your Heart

I trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in your salvation...I will sing the Lord's praise, for He has been good to me.
Psalm 13:5-6

Friday, November 11, 2011

Getting Stronger

Jefferson was diagnosed with torticollis when he was 2 months old. Basically the muscles on one side of his neck are strong than the ones on the other side of his neck.This made him hold his head to the side. If nothing is done to help train and strengthen the weak muscles a baby will need to wear a special collar to hold the head erect or could eventually need surgery.We are blessed to have a very pro-active pediatrician who started Jefferson on therapy right away instead of waiting until he was a little older.Jefferson has done wonderfully and has greatly improved. The exercises with the physical therapist have strengthened his neck so much that now you can hardly detect any kind of tilting to the side.The therapist warned us that as his muscles strengthened he would take off, literally! In the past few weeks he is playing and reaching during tummy time, trying to sit up more, and trying to roll over in both directions. He new favorite is putting weight on his legs trying to "stand" while we hold him.
Jefferson will probably graduate physical therapy soon since he has done so well. We will continue to do the exercises at home as he gets stronger. The need for any exercises will go away as he gets mobile. Jefferson is such a trooper and we are very proud of our little man!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Baking with Boys

Maybe we are crazy, maybe we are creative, but being moms of boys we are probably both.So what do two creative and crazy moms decide to do? We got out cookie cutters, icing, sprinkles, sugar glitter, and chocolate and let our boys loose.Creativity went flying as the two boys went to work decorating...and tasting. Harrison would decorate one, take a bite out of it, and move on to another cookie.My friend sacrificed her dining room to the cause because when it was all over it looked like Mrs. Fields and Toll-house had gone to war.But the boys had a blast and we crazy moms decided this needs to be reoccurring event. Can't wait to see what our boys come up with next time we let them go with edible weapons of destruction.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Jeff's Turn

It seems like it was just a few months ago I was making these for Harrison.Now it is Jefferson's turn to indulge in biter cookie goodness...and indulge he does!One thing is for boys can eat! I mean Jefferson is just starting on some solids, but I'm already seeing his excitement level when he sees that spoon headed his way.But maybe that's why God gave me all these hungry growing men. He knows how much I love to cook for them, even at four months old. It sure is a blessing taking care of my guys!

Monday, November 7, 2011

"E" is for Everything

This week in school we worked on learning the letter "E". This one was a stretch for us as so many "E" words in Harrison's vocabulary don't sound like the short vowel sound we were working one...words like earth, eye, and ear.So we pulled on the words with the short vowel sound that Harrison does know and kept incorporating them all week. We looked at car engines and then engineered a ramp for his cars.It took forever as Harrison kept saying for me to finish, but it was a great rainy day project and kept him entertained. We fixed eggs in several different ways this week and Harrison enjoyed helping to crack them...and then I enjoyed picking out shell :)Harrison worked hard to paint pictures and then we mailed them in envelopes. We went to the zoo and watched the elephants for a long time. They put on quite the show for us as if they knew Harrison was there to watch them.I know this is just a basic introduction to the alphabet and in the years to come we can explore the letter "E" a bit more. It was just a difficult one to keep him into everyday. But the letter "F"? well, that one I am exited about and I think Harrison will be too!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Gift of Prophecy?

Getting out of the car to head into the store Harrison says, "Mommy, we are missing someone!" "Who are we missing?" I ask him. Since I am holding his hand and have Jefferson in the sling I assume he is being playful and will inform me Daddy is missing since he was at work.To my surprise Harrison says, "We are missing our other boy! We need three brothers in our family!"

Friday, November 4, 2011

Month 4

Jefferson was officially four months on Wednesday, but I wanted to wait until today after his check-up to post so I could include all the fun growing information.
Our little "Tank" is 15lbs 9oz and 24 inches long. He is well above Harrison at this age. The 6 months clothing fits pretty well, though some things are starting to squeeze him and he can wear some 9 month things.Jefferson is into "talking" a lot and joining in conversation with anyone who will give him a listening ear. He smiles all the time and is always ready for a cuddle.We started him on cereal and this boy loves his food! He chows down like a pro and likes to hold his own spoon. We let him chew on it after he is done eating and he thinks he is something else. He also loves drinking water from a sippy cup.He is showing some of his personality. He has a little temper and hollers when we take away said spoon or sippy cup. He has a tad of an overachieving, perfectionist streak as he attempts to master holding his sippy cup...I have no idea where in the world he got that from!He is such a go-with-the-flow guy which is great in keeping up with his big brother. He is sweet and happy and knows how to make this momma's heart melt with his handsome grins. We are so blessed to have Jefferson in our family and we can't wait to see who this little man becomes!