Left Foot, Left Foot, Left Foot, Right

This is a growing, moving, exploring boy!Now that he is an official full-time walker we have had to outfit his feet.He got his first pair of big boy shoes and believe me, he thinks he is something in them! He has learned to say, "shoe" and will ask for them if he is not wearing them for some reason. These cool shoes are, get ready for this, size five! The lady measuring his feet could not believe it, but they fit him great.
I think I see lots of shoe buying in my future due to my quickly growing little guy. But I don't mind. His little feet are precious and who knows where God might lead them...
...As the old man blessed Harrison's steps , I pray his footsteps will always be guided in love, truth, and perseverance in Christ.


  1. So adorable! Love the shoes...and once he grows out of them, you just keep them and use them for your future kids, my future kids, or a sister's future kids. Things will get reused! So no big deal. :-)


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