Monday, October 31, 2011


Since I was a little girl, fall time was when we loaded up and drove into the mountains to pick apples. We ate about as many as we hauled out of the orchards.Then we would drive back home dreaming of the apple things we would be feasting on in the days to come. Apple pie, apple sauce, baked apples, fried apples, apples and dip, apple I making you hungry?We started the tradition with Harrison the year he was born and it has been a fun, much look forward to family event. But when we moved away we didn't think we would be able to be involved in the annual trip.Thanks to a lot of little details God worked out, we were able to join in the apple picking fun anyway and we had a blast taking Harrison for his third time and Jefferson's first time!Jefferson hung out (literally) while we picked, and ate. Harrison ate way more than he picked and he had a blast doing it. He ran all over trying apples on various trees declaring them, "delicious!"Maybe you get all nostalgic when you're a mom, or maybe it's because we are so far from family that every cherished event is special, but we really enjoyed being a part of this year's apple picking day and we are so glad it worked out for us to go. Watching my boys enjoy something I enjoyed at their age is really special and I can't wait to share more traditions.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

In Its Time

Autumn is......the year'"He has made everything beautiful in its time." Ecclesiastes 3:11

Saturday, October 29, 2011

One of the Big Boys

Harrison loves all things sports and looks forward to playing some type of sport with his Daddy every night when we comes home from work.
They wrestle, tackle, have batting practice, play catch, and run plays with the football. So when his Daddy played football this past weekend Harrison had a hard time understanding why he wasn't out there on the field too.They other grown men tackling each other to the ground, hurling game talk, and running full force were not enough to deter the two year old who thinks he is at least twelve. So after promises of future father/son scrimmages, he settled into grandpa's lap for a front row seat.He was pretty excited when he got to join his Daddy and Uncle Josh for a water break after the game. I know growing up seems to take forever when you're the one growing, but I know very soon he will be out there running, tackling, and calling plays.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Come Fly With Me

We took our two boys on their first in-air adventure. Harrison had been talking for weeks about flying in an airplane and would randomly burst out with, "I'm so excited!"We got the airport and parked about five miles away (slight exaggeration), and it was 45 degrees outside and raining (not an exaggeration). Thank goodness for the shuttle bus which delivered us to the front door!Harrison would have been great had we been late arriving for our flight because he looked like a seasoned traveler sprinting through the airport to get to our gate.Once we got to our gate we found out our flight had been quite delayed, but no problems with us! Their was an indoor playground right at our gate and Harrison had the time of his life!Jefferson was having the time of his life too, I'm sure of it. I mean, in only three months of life, I can imagine waiting for your first flight while watching your cool big brother run around like a maniac would be a highlight.Harrison wasn't so sure once we boarded and he was listening to the safety instructions and the pilot's announcements over the intercom. But once we got going he thought take-off was awesome!Jefferson really had no clue what was going on, but seemed much happier traveling being held then riding in his car seat!Harrison ate his fill of in-air peanuts, pretzels, and complimentary beverages (orange juice with a top and straw!) We watched movies and played cars. Overall, the boys did great going through security, siting in small confines of airplane seats, and all the other ins and outs of flying. I think if we can keep finding good ticket deals, this may just be our new way to get home for visits!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hide It In Your Heart

To everything there is a season...A time for every purpose under Heaven.Ecclesiastes 3:1The season of Fall is here now and in this house that means football, leaf fights, and warm apple pie. Happy Fall!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hay is For...Playing!

Our church recently hosted an "Autumn Fest" at a local historical plantation. It was a wonderful day filled with homemade chili, football, friends, and hay fights.......Yes, hay fights. It had originally started with mounds of hay in which thousands (literally) of pennies had been hidden for the kiddos to find, but did it stop there?No, my son had zero interest in finding the pennies. He dove right in with fistfuls of the stuff and sent it flying.Soon the air was thick with hay and laughter as Harrison and his friends got thoroughly covered. It was a great way to begin the Fall.

Friday, October 21, 2011


If I haven't said it before (which I know I have), I'll say it again...I love having boys!
I am fascinated watching them explore, achieve, show off, compete, get excited and giddy.And nothing gets Harrison more excited or giddy than a bunch of trucks and cars!This kid lives and breathes anything with wheels and an engine and I have a feeling Jefferson is following in the same passion if his keen interest in Harrison's matchbox cars prove anything.We took Harrison to a local touch-a-truck and you would have thought we handed him the moon.He ran from vehicle to vehicle climbing in, around, and over. He would tell us if he had each one at home or not (meaning his toy cars).He even got to meet one of his heroes...a policeman! The little guy was starstruck as the policeman talked to him about his job.Harrison has talked non-stop about "touching all the big trucks" and every time he sees one on the road now he asks if it is going to a place he can touch it.In fact, during the actual event, our smart little man said, "I'm so happy this is not a look-at-a-truck!" I am forevermore reminding him that some things we look at with our eyes and not our hands.But this event was something Harrison knew to touch and mess and explore. While Jefferson spent this outing dozing in his stroller, I know it's only a matter of time before he is climbing and touching right along with his brother.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Behind the Lense

Scary how much my three month old knows about cameras. The kid already hams up when he sees it headed his way.Recently he has taken a liking to the digital display and the strap...future photographer maybe?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Extra Pair of Hands

Sometimes I just don't have enough hands. I'll be elbow deep in something and need to simultaneously doing something else.My littlest guy seems to compromise much of my hand usage, but his big brother is stepping up to meet his needs and with great pride.He rushes to give him toys, wipe his mouth, bring diapers and wipes, and choose out clothes. He loves helping to get him ready to go and is very gentle and loving with him.I think Harrison is just trying to get all the gentle stuff out of the way now bracing himself for the moment he can start tackling Jefferson! And then I'll definitely need more hands referees!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sensible Shoes

Harrison gets into "shoe moods". He will have a particular pair of shoes he just has to wear, never minding the fact they totally clash with the weather or outfit.
Sometimes it's the cowboy boots with pajama pants or cargo shorts.Sometimes it's his "running shoes" with jeans and polo.And recently it's his Marvel Comics shoes, or as Harrison calls them, his "Spiderman Shoes".A pair of shoes and a boy could not be better friends. Maybe it's the amazing super heroes across the toes, or maybe it's because my, "I can do it myself" boy can in fact, put them on himself.Whatever it is, you can bet our little guy and these shoes are never far from each other.

What I'm Loving

I love that Jefferson is getting interactive, I love his laughter in response to our silly noises, Harrison's antics, and even our he knows what we are talking about.I love the way he studies us and then "calls" us to get our attention. I love the way he tries to mimic our sounds. I love the fact he sleeps 10 hours at night and I love that he wakes up smiling happy to see me.I love the way he puts his whole body into a smile as his arms and legs get bouncy with excitement. I love the way he lays his little head against my chest to cuddle. And I love every minute so far with my newest son.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Indian Summer

It's late October and thoughts of warm apple cider and cuddling under down blankets are somewhat unappealing.
When we got back from the beach there were a few days that teased us with colder temperatures...enough to pull out long pants, but since then we have had gorgeous sunny weather.
Knowing that the dreaded cold is right around the corner, the boys and I head outside pretty much every day to take full advantage of the warm sun. No vitamin D deficiencies here.
We have walked miles to discover every playground in the area and now Harrison knows where each one is. He will tell me what direction to walk to go to the playground with the equipment he would like that day.
As much as I hate to see the last of these warm days, I am enjoying each one as they come and soaking up every last memory with my boys. They are growing and changing so fast, just like the seasons. I don't want to waste my time missing what I have while I still have it.
But I have to admit, even though I may not be a fan of the cold, I am looking forward to some cold weather things and sharing them with my boys. Like baking apple pies, art projects with leaves, collecting acorns, butternut squash, and all the memories these things will bring.