Monday, February 28, 2011

Hide It In Your Heart

You will seek Me... ...and you will find Me...
...when you search for Me...
...with all your...
Jeremiah 29:13

Friday, February 25, 2011

We Do Not Negotiate With Toddlers

I will have to say, for the most part Harrison does not resort to tantrums. Don't get me wrong, he will occasionally melt down when he doesn't get his way, but this guy is developing a new set of skills. With a talent to rival the best defense attorney in the country this little man has the art of negotiating down to a finely honed skill.When a verdict arises that Harrison doesn't agree with his negotiating goes into action. His first tactic is to get the record erased. This includes changing subjects, resorting to overly cute phrasing and facial expressions, or saying, "I love you!"
If that doesn't work (and it doesn't) he tries to lessen the penalty through counter offering. "Um, Harrison do it this way?", "No please thank you, not bedtime, Harrison read book?" "I walk wif no hands(not having to hold a hand), hold cart?"
If all his tactics have failed him at this point he will usually accept the outcome and move on without another word, but I think his mind is secretly working. I think he is storing up and just waiting to get better and better at his negotiating skills. Who knows, his courtroom manner may have him following in his Daddy's footsteps one day!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

19 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights
How Far Along: 19 weeks
Size Of Baby: 6 1/2-7inches, the size of one page of Harrison's book (below picture)
Weight Gain/Loss: Pretty sure I have gained back those pounds I lost! :)
Maternity Clothes: Still wearing my regular clothes, but when I want to be extra comfy I will pull out a maternity item. I am wearing a maternity dress in the picture. We were visiting a new church and I wanted to be comfortable.
Gender: Boy! We hope to have his name very soon!
Movement: More and more every day!
Sleep: Wonderful! We are all loving having our beds back!
What I Miss: Being able to run - I have been placed on some restrictions due to my history of pre-term labor with Harrison.
Cravings: Cheese - sliced on crackers-yum!
Best Moment of The Week: Moving in to our new house and seeing where we will be bringing home our new baby boy!
Big brother holding one of his favorite books. One page is the size of his little brother this week. Please pardon his blank look, the poor little man had a 103 fever when I took this.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Gone West 2

On Day 2 we got going bright and early so we could get some home essentials and then take Harrison to explore his new house. He wasn't understanding how the hotel (aka, big house) wasn't the new house in Tennessee we had talked about. The poor little guy was a bit confused.We finally got to the new house and Harrison had a blast running around and exploring the new rooms! " Look Mommy! My closet!" He was so happy to have his own closet!
He loves his window too-he had asked Matt and I to find a house where his room had a window to see the grass outside.
Exploring outside
Having fun with all the empty space before our things arrived on the moving truck.
While we cleaned and readied the house, Harrison kept entertained with yet another viewing of "Kung Fu Panda" :)
And yet another viewing on the next morning while waiting for the movers to get here.
Harrison had a blast as his toys started arriving off the truck- it was like Christmas all over because some of the toys he hadn't seen in 7 months! He was a pretty excited little guy-so was his Daddy! :)
Harrison was such a trooper as Matt and I were pretty busy dealing with the movers. He and Aunt Hottie took walks and had a picnic lunch outside in his beloved wagon-which he had also not seen in 7 months(I don't think a day has passed he hasn't been in it since we got here!)
Harrison was such a helper vacuuming up dust and helping unpack boxes!
After a long day of hard work there was nothing like taking his first bath at the new house! As you can tell, he loves his new house and slowly but surely we are making this home.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Gone West

I'm going to fill you in by segments as there is too much to cover in one post, but I want to remember everything that happened. In a few years I want to read back through this and see all that God has done! The movers came on Wednesday before we moved. We were blessed to have a wonderful husband and wife team and their helper. They were so wonderful to work with and took great care of all of our things.
Harrison of course had a blast watching the big truck, even though he was a tad confused why they were packing his toys away in it.
Two days after that we said sad goodbyes to our families and loaded up to drive West. It was a long day of riding over more mountains than I could ever count, but Harrison was the best little traveler ever!
He kept his travel buddy, Aunt Hottie, annoyed entertained with at least three viewings of "Kung Fu Panda" and multiple kid songs DVD's.
We took a lot of breaks to stretch legs and keep him from getting too cooped up. He had his first "sub" at Subway for lunch, but the highlight for him was the accompanying bag of Doritos! He helped himself to our drinks as they were much cooler than his sippy cup I guess.
Aunt Hottie lost use of her IPod as Harrison soon figured out he could hear his own preferred tunes. Finally, after 10 long hours we pulled into Nashville at dinner time and had a wonderful meal at Cracker Barrel. Harrison scarfed down dinner like he hadn't eaten in days! Who knew all that riding in the car would work up such an appetite!
Our hotel was amazing and it was the perfect fit for our needs, including the kid size fridge and microwave which Harrison thought they kindly included in the room just for him!
We had a blast in the indoor pool, which wasn't heated the first night, brrr! But after getting nice and cold in the big pool Harrison found a way to warm up much to his liking...
...the jacuzzi! We only let him sit on the top step for a few minutes because it was so warm, but he loved the "hot one!" His favorite thing at the hotel was the "exclavator" and riding up and down, "rewee high!" He called the hotel the "big house!" After some fun water play and a good night's sleep we would be headed to the new house...

Friday, February 11, 2011

See You Later

Tomorrow morning we are headed west on our new adventure. We can hardly believe all that God has done to prepare and provide for us. We are overwhelmed, but go trusting and resting in our Father knowing He is good! Our next blog post will be from Tennessee! Due to unpacking and settling in, it may be a few days before a new post, but we look forward to keeping everyone up to date with our adventures!
So because I hate goodbyes, I'll simply say..."See you later!"

Thursday, February 10, 2011

17 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights
How Far Along: 17 Weeks-according to the ultrasound yesterday I am 18 weeks now, but we are going to stick with the original measurements for these weekly updates and be pleasantly surprised if the baby comes early!
Size of Baby: About 6 inches- the size of a bun length Ballpark hot dog
Weight Gain/Loss: Lost 2lbs-they think it's because I hadn't yet eaten breakfast before my appointment yesterday.
Maternity Clothes: Not yet, but I'm starting to see a little baby belly which means the maternity clothes may be making an appearance very soon!
Gender: BOY!!!!
Movement: A little more every day. This little guy seems a little less active than Harrison at this point. The ultrasound showed him happy and content just sleeping and nothing would wake this guy up!
Sleep: Pretty good
What I Miss: Nothing, I am loving being pregnant
Cravings: Taco Bell, usually around 1am-weird huh?
Symptoms: I'm feeling pretty good right now, I stay tired, but that's to be expected.
Best Moment of The Week: Seeing our little man on the ultrasound, watching him suck his thumb, and play with his ear. God's creation is amazing!
Proud big brother holding a pack of bun length Ball Parks, the size of baby this week.
Funny story-we were asking Harrison what we should name the baby. We went through a bunch of names like Alfred, and George and Harrison would say, "no". We finally asked him what he wanted to name his brother and he said, "Um, Blue or Red!"

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's A...

BOY!!! We are so ecstatic to announce that we will be expecting our second son this summer! We cannot wait to meet this little man!
This mommy sure is blessed to have my little men. Matt is such a Godly example of a leader, provider, husband and father for these growing boys and I know they will learn so much looking up to him.
I look forward to seeing my boys wrestle and tackle and run and play. I see lots more sports and bigger grocery bills coming my way and I can't wait for every minute of it.
I look forward to watching these two little ones grow into the men God has designed them to be. I am excited to watch them become leaders, conquerors, providers, and protectors themselves. Please join in prayer with us over the continued health of this baby. We got some news that this pregnancy is now high risk due to some other complications. Baby boy is perfectly healthy and fine and that is such a blessing but there are some other issues that need God's intervention and provision for.
Thank you all for your prayers and support and we look forward to introducing you to our new son this summer!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wii Knight

Our little guy has gotten in to Wii...a lot! We loves cheering along whoever is playing and he really loves joining in the play himself. His new favorite Wii game is "soawds" the sword fighting game. As you can see, he is pretty good at it!

Monday, February 7, 2011

This Is Not A Drill

Saturday afternoon gave us quite a surprise! Papa was out of town on a church trip and Matt was the man of the house in his stead. We use a wood stove at my family's home for heating during the winter and had a fire going like usual. The girls came home from running errands and saw smoke coming from the roof line around the chimney!
Matt was the hero of the day and sprang into action. He called 911 and mom got everyone outside. When five different fire engine companies showed up, Matt took the lead explaining the situation and showing them the areas of the inside that could be affected. Harrison was more than glad to be missing his nap when he had four huge engines and several other rescue response vehicles with lights blaring all up and down the road!
We stood outside in the drizzling rain watching the firemen stop the smoke pouring from the chimney and roof. After their thorough search there were some cracks in the chimney lining. The escaping heat and smoke very likely could have started a much larger fire had they not arrived when they did and had the girls not observed the smoke as soon in the day as they had!
We thank God no one was hurt, that the fire men were so efficient, and that the house was ok. We thank God for Matt and his leadership and being our hero. We thank God for alternate heating while the chimney gets repaired. We thank God for unknowns and surprises that constantly keep us grounded in Him!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Water Wonderland

Time flies, even though these cold days seem to be lasting forever. And because time flies I want to remember these chubby toes...
...and his serious look of concentration.
While we long for the days of summer to arrive so he can live outside, I wouldn't want this time to rush by unappreciated...
...the time of the white onesie, and the hours of entertainment a sink of warm water can provide...
...because one day, all too soon, he will have an opinion that onesies are not acceptable wear, and he will prefer other forms of entertainment than measuring cups and water.
So I'll cling to each of these cold, dreary days with my little guy knowing time flies. Today I'm loving the fact that my onesie strutting macho man prefers his water wonderland.