Friday, March 30, 2012

Mr. Mess

Jefferson has reached mobility...and this means he is into everything.
We have caught him getting into, on top, inside, and behind, all sorts of objects.This kid can make a mess faster than anything I've ever seen. My floors have been covered in puffs, cheetos, water, and blue jello all at the hand of this sneaky boy.Walk out of sight for just a few seconds and he is into something and covering the floor with his one of a kind edible art pieces.He's pretty proud of his sneaky accomplishments. He especially loves how tickled it makes his big brother. I'm thinking these two may be quite the partners in crime.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Interview at Three

Harrison, how old are you? I'm free! (three)What's your favorite color? Blue
What's your favorite toy? My pirate ship!
What's your favorite fruit? Peach
What's your favorite movie? Peter Pan!What's your favorite thing to eat for lunch? Chip Place (aka Chipotle)
What's your favorite thing to wear? My Batman shirt!
What's your favorite game? Wii
What's your favorite snack? Goldfish
What's your favorite animal? A GiraffeWhat's your favorite song: Faif Arise! (Let Faith Arise by Lincoln Brewster)
What's your favorite book? The llama ones
Who's your best friend? Jaden!
What's your favorite thing to do outside? Look for treasure and run!
What's your favorite thing to drink: Out of cupsWhat's your favorite holiday? Birfday!
What do you like to sleep with? My pillow
What's your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? Oatmeal
What is your birthday dinner? Chicken nuggets and chips
What do you want to be when you grow up? A football player!Harrison, we are blessed beyond measure to have you as our firstborn son. We are so proud of the little man you are becoming and your thirst to learn more about God. You are an amazing big brother, friend, leader, and helper. You are a wild man and all rough and tumble, but you truly have an amazing spirit of encouragement, determination, and steadfastness. You are loyal, brave, and bold. We love you so much Harrison! Happy Birthday little man!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Last Day of Two

We've built a pirate ship on the dining room table, we buried treasure, we have a chest full of IBC root beers, and the cake is cooling on the counter. We have swords, gold doubloons, and eye patches. All this pirate craziness is because today is the last day this little man is two years old.Tomorrow Harrison will be three, going on fifteen. The years have flown. My chubby toed, chunky thighed, round cheeked baby is now long, lean, agile, and able. He is a little man more and more in every way. I'm a little sad we have parted ways with his baby and toddlerhood days, but the excitement of seeing what God has in store is far greater! All of us are ecstatic to celebrate this little skinned knee, rough and tumble, pirate tomorrow!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Java Coma

Who needs a bottle of chill out for an afternoon nap......when you've got a belly full of Starbucks and a swing?Now that's the way to spend a lazy afternoon.
(Disclaimer: actual beverage was consumed by subject's father.)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ready for Physics

Jefferson and gravity really haven't met each other yet. For this I'm grateful!I mean, he's had the obligatory spills associated with sitting up but so far, no tragic tumbles.I know walking is right around the corner and in preparation, Jefferson seems to think he can will himself to any desired location.Lunging from arms, wagons, and highchairs is keeping us on our toes as Jefferson is bound and determined to better acquaint himself with gravity.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

You Can Fly

I remember just like it was almost yesterday my sisters and I playing on the swing set our Daddy built us.Our imaginations came alive in those swings. We became gymnasts, horseback riders, flying acrobats...I'm pretty sure we invented Cirque Du Soleil.Our favorite though, was flying. We would lay face down on the swings and with arms outstretched we would kick off and momentarily convince ourselves of weightlessness.So it sure is a blast watching my little Peter Pan pretend to sore high above Neverland with his little hands stretched out as wide as his endless imagination.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Curious Jeff

Jefferson has officially reached the "If I see it, I want it" stage. This includes food someone else is eating, toys Harrison is playing with, and anything off limits.
We have been working hard to train Jefferson as to where his boundaries lie. Despite his laid back personality, this little guy has a stubborn streak and doesn't take to the words, "No sir," very well.But boys being boys and having that insatiable thirst for exploring and conquering, the great outdoors has fewer boundaries. For Jeff this includes actually moving off the edge of the picnic blanket.He loves digging around in the rocks, mulch, and mud and sneaking an occasional taste from his handful of dirt. Thinking he is big stuff as he digs with his brother, Mr. Curious sure is happy exploring outside the usual boundaries.

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Verbs of Harrison

Harrison is just in a constant state of action. Depending on the moment, those actions can be entertaining, dangerous, embarrassing, or down right cute. Here's a directory to Harrison...
Listening (This doesn't happen often; even rarer to be captured on film.)
Embellishing...his creativity can lead to all kinds of exciting tales.
Resting, about as rare as listening, but after running, climbing, jumping, and explaining some amazing feat, I guess one is entitled to take a few breaths.
Watching/Observing...every little thing. This is usually followed with a bunch of questions.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


It has seemed to happen overnight, but this guy is this guy is fast! I turn my back for literally 2.7 seconds and he is across the room rearranging the book shelf. We were eating a picnic lunch when Harrison wanted to show me a bug a few steps away. We walked back to the blanket just 10 seconds later and speedy gonzales had created a finger paint masterpiece from his brother's pb&j.
This little man may seem all quiet and laid back, but don't let that full you. He is just waiting until you least expect it to pull some stunt. He has a knack for catching you off guard and I have the sneaky suspicion he enjoys some of the reactions he causes. I'm gonna have to keep my eye on this one a little closer now.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


"Hey Harrison, do you want to play basketball, football, or baseball when you get bigger?"
"I wanna play superball!" he answered enthusiastically. "What is superball?" I asked thinking it was a perfectly legit question.
Clearly amazed that I had no idea what superball was he explained, "Mom, it's where you play ball but you have your mask and cape on."
First shot is for PaperMama. Second is for SweetShot and Show Off.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Take What I Can Get

So I had this great idea. I get a ton of pictures of my boys, of my boys with their Dad, of my boys with their grandparents, of my boys and their friends, and even a ton of pictures of my boys' toys.
But there is a sore lack of pictures of me with my boys. There may be an occasional awkward photo of turning the camera around for a poorly framed picture with one of my little men, but none of all of us together, happy, and composed.
So when my sister came to visit we did an impromptu shoot at a park one day. My great idea to get some nice picture of the three of us quickly fizzled. Two little faces to keep somewhat pleasant and facing in the same general direction was a challenge.
We lost a shoe, we lost a boy, we lost our patience. After a few frames nobody thought it was a good idea to get a "Mommy and Boys" shot, including the many business men walking by on their lunch breaks.
But finally, just as the sun came out and messed with the lighting, lunch time approached, and we realized we were late for Harrison's doctor's appointment, we got a shot. It's not perfect, but it's finally a picture of me and my handsome little men. I'll take it...I may not get another one for awhile!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

They Do

March 10, 2012...the day my little sister becomes a Mrs. The day we've dreamed, schemed, and planned. For most people the day will come and go like an average Saturday. They will mow the grass, wash the car, run errands, and go to soccer practice. But for us we will be celebrating the beginning of a family, the end of their waiting, and the day my sister's dreams come true.
We thank God for the incredible love story He wrote for my little sister and her man.
Congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs. P! We love you!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Super Hero

Superheroes are a permanent fixture in our house lately. Superman, Batman, and Spiderman are just a few of the heroes invading our daily lives.
These guys can fly, fight, and conquer...what's not to admire about these men in tights? Harrison wants to be just like them and alternates between which he is at the moment.
It's these cape wearing men that have made me aware just how drawn little guys are to heroes and the job Matt and I have to instill in these little men how to be heroes themselves.
I know my little guys are heroes in the making. In my opinion, just them being here, they have already saved my day!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Just a Trim

This little man still has that amazingly soft newborn hair, but it was starting to get kinda scruffy.
He's got this awesome natural mohawk but his ears and neck line were needing their first introduction to a pair of scissors.
So big brother provided entertainment, Aunt Hottie filled in as paparazzi, and I took on the barber role.
We made a mess of the bathroom. Jefferson slobbered the mirror, dropped 1000 toys in the sink, and may have gotten a tiny nick on his ear...definitely felt like mom of the year with that one.
For his first haircut it went really well. But after all that, we still had to get some more trimmed by Mimi. So now at 8 months he's had two haircuts and looking pretty dashing!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Can You Hear Me?

It's hard to believe a year has gone by since our little man had all his ear adventures. Since then we've been for two hearing screens and several follow-up visits at our local children's hospital.
This past visit marked the one year check. Harrison had another hearing screen, which he passed with flying colors, but not without some of his own antics thrown in. He would't say when he heard a noise and the tech would ask if he hear the bird. Harrison would answer, "I heard a noise, but that was definitely not a bird!"
The ENT then took a look. He said there was a bunch of pressure and one of the ear drums wasn't healed completely were the tube fell out. We will have another recheck in a few months and see if we need to replace the tubes. In the meantime I sure will be reminding Harrison he can't use the excuse, "I didn't hear you."

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Spring is not my favorite season of the year.
I mean, I love how it's the dawn of favorite, but it's the most schizophrenic few months.
One day it's 80 degrees and we are chilling in flip flops. The next day we are putting our "Survivor Man" skills to use and warding off hypothermia.
And try explaining to little guys that though yesterday it was perfectly fine to wear your favorite t-shirt, today you have to wear a parka.
Oh, and the cherry on top? One day we may be hunkered in a bathroom riding out tornadoes and the next day we are building snowmen.
So for now, me and my confused kiddos will wait eagerly for the warm sun feeling, watermelon eating, bare feet walking days this current season is ushering in.