Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Day It All Began

 One dark and stormy night...
 Ok, actually it was a dark and stormy Friday afternoon. Right around noon to be factual, light snow started falling and quickly covered everything with a dusty white. 
 So we did what every normal person does to prep for acclimate weather; I made Matt drive to Chipotle and stock up before we got snowed in. 
 Actually, I didn't have to make him. He's an awesome husband like that and just knew that was the best way to take care of his wife ;)
 But chipotle only lasts so long and this storm went all through the rest of Friday night, into Saturday, and didn't let up until early Sunday morning hours. These pictures are from midday Saturday, about half of the snow we were to get had fallen. 
 But by Saturday morning, the boys were anxious to get outside and check out the blizzard mid action. 
 It briefly let up from the swirling snow fall so we bundled up and spent an hour falling backwards into it, jumping off daddy's arms into it, and hearing Wils sob about having to be in it. (He's my kid.)

 The older two were having a blast wrestling and throwing each other since they had a nice cushion to soften the impact. Soon, the wind picked up and snow started blizzarding again.

 We all headed back inside to hunker for the next and most significant snow accumulations. That afternoon we counted 2"-3" an hour. We built a fire, wrapped up inside of blankets with a bag of marshmallows and had a blast.
Wils was perfectly happy to stay wrapped up at his window seat and watch the snow from inside. He and I kept talking about the beach and together we made it through the first day of the great blizzard '16. 

Friday, January 22, 2016

The Day Snow Wrote History...

I'm writing to solely document this historical moment, not because I condone or feel privileged to bear witness to this end.  
In the event that this historical blizzard leaves no survivors, this blog post may lead historians toward clues as to how the world, or at least NOVA ended.
The days ahead were full of frenzied chaos and hurried preparation as newscasters littered their forecasts with such language as "life threatening" and "catastrophic".
One can only assume using such language caused an entire society to crumble into mass panic, raiding the stores of canned goods and loaf bread. But as if this wasn't enough they had the nerve to forecast an unprecedented 30+" of snow over the period of 36 hours. 
In the days leading up to the catastrophic event, a secret snowfall took the city by surprise, crippling transportation and leaving commuters trapped on a ten mile stretch of highway for three or more hours, some abandoning their cars to walk. But this was only the beginning, not even the crippling event predicted.  

And so if you're reading this, know we fought bravely. We bought that milk, we pillaged that bread, we filled our gas tanks, and sat waiting at the windows like soldiers on the eve of battle, anticipating the first wave of attacks. And just as they predicted it began...the blizzard of '16.
(I jest. Raise your bowls of snow cream like proud survivors! Here's to being a part of history!)

Thursday, January 14, 2016

The "Firsts" Get Bigger

Dear Harrison,
For better or worse, being the firstborn means we experience all these new things right alongside you. 
So just like the first time we taught someone to walk, eat with a spoon, put a shirt on, tie shoes, or ride a bike was with you... is our entry into the world of organized sports. 
Your first game was this past Saturday. On our way there you told us you were pretty nervous. 
Your Dad gave you a killer pep talk. Pushing nerves aside, you laced up your shoes and ran out on the court with a confidence I couldn't admire more. 
Because I need to admit something Harrison, I was nervous too. 
Each time you take a bigger step in this life I do get nervous. It's a good excited nervous, but I feel it. 
I sat frozen on the sidelines, a smile plastered to my face, my eyes silently watching every single step you made across the court.
I'm sorry I'm not a loud sideline mom, maybe just yet. Maybe that will come. My nerves got the best of me. But my heart was bursting. 
You were incredible! You are the boss of defense! You stayed in their faces, held up their offense, stole a few balls, and even got your own assist stat! 
I quietly soaked it all in. My nervous heart watching a piece of my world step into a new realm. And then at half time, before running with your team to the locker room, you ran over and gave me a kiss. It was what both our hearts needed. I cherished it and will never forget that precious moment my little man. 
I'm so very proud of you Harrison. For the man you're becoming, for conquering nerves and showing your confidence in incredible sportsmanship and play. 
Going through life's firsts are going to be a rollercoaster ride for us. Some have been and will be tough leaving us both in tears. 
Some are going to be full of celebration and joy. Others are going to be leaning on the other to get through nervousness and uncertainty. 
But I'm so beyond thankful you were chosen to be my firstborn to do all these "firsts" with. 
And just like I held your hands with first steps, bandaged scraped knees with bike riding lessons, whooped and hollered when you first tied your shoe or read a book, know were in this together. 
Sometimes I'll be alongside you, others I'll be on the sidelines, but always I'm right there, heart bursting, going through the "firsts" together. 
I love you, Harrison, my little basketball star! 

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

8 Months Madison

Dear Baby Girl,
Happy eight months baby girl! 
Today you're celebrating with a fever, congestion, no appetite, and your sleep is getting robbed by a croupy cough. 
But it doesn't matter what the thermometer says, how many times I have to wipe your nose, or that you don't even feel like eating your favorite sweet potato puffs, you smile and "coo"and stay your incredibly sweet self as these pictures offer proof. 
Aside from being a champ with this sick stuff, you're growing so fast! You still are tiny and petite wearing 3-6 month clothes and wearing size two diapers. 
But tiny doesn't stop you from moving and shaking! You can sit up great now and love this new vantage point. 
You are also crawling everywhere and getting into all your brothers' toys; they grab their treasures and run for cover as you invade. You've crept in on their picnics and stolen their chicken nuggets and quesadillas. 
You've eaten legos, magazines, wrapping paper, and leaves no matter how vigilant we are to clear your path. You are fast and you do it all with a smile. 
You nurse every three hours, and eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You've only turned down one food and that's apricots. Other than that, you aren't picky at all and have just started indulging in some of our foods like pancakes and olives!
You are so laid back and sweet all the time. I'm serious. It doesn't matter if you're tired, sick, hungry, freezing cold, or bored, you are just incredibly sweet. You have us all wrapped around your precious little finger and we love our gentle princess! Happy 8 months sweet baby girl! And get better soon :) 

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Sweet Sixteen

Watching the ball drop in NYC from my couch, in my pj's, and sipping a cup of sparkling grape juice and my momma mind started drifting. 
The next 366 (it's leap year) days will bring lots of growing to the four sleeping babies up the stairs. 
I had just spent the whole of New Years Eve letting them stay in their jammies, sneak special treats, ride bikes, play in the mud, blow bubbles, and eat popsicles. 
The weather was awesome and we were happy to oblige by moving outdoors for the day. 
And before I knew it, the day was over, the year was over and I was forced to face what 2016 will bring. 
This year will bring a seven year old, a five year old, a three year old, and a one year old; a second grader, a kindergartener, a pre-schooler, and a get-into-everything-while-mom-is-busy-teaching-schooler. 
This year will be sweet firsts and lasts. New milestones and memories. Beach trips, bike rides, learning to walk, write, read, and long division. 
This will be a year of growing pains and blessings as we continue to cling to Christ in His perfecting us and discipling these four little people. 
2016 will be huge, full of blessings beyond what we can ask or imagine. Full of discovering more depths to the grace and love we don't deserve, given freely by our Father. 
Sixteen will be sweet as we watch these little blessings change and grow. We look forward to witnessing the incredible growth this New Year will bring!