Monday, August 31, 2009

Watch Out Mister

So we were taking a walk today when all of a sudden we were attacked by Indians! Well, actually it was two little boys with makeshift bows and arrows. That bold little kid raised his bow and took aim at my defenseless little guy in his stroller! And to accentuate his intentions made some sound effect, as only boys do, of the arrow leaving his bow and arching towards my innocent, wide eyed baby! Ok, you asked for it kid! He got my scowliest momma look I could muster - I mean I don't know him, so I couldn't fuss at him, and he didn't shoot a real arrow, but he was messing with the wrong boy! My little guy is a tough man in the training! You better watch out little bow and arrow kid! My guy is going to get bigger. He won't need his momma to scowl at you because he'll have his own arsenal! That's right, he will be well trained in not only makeshift bows and arrows, but light sabers, magnolia bloom grenades, and super soakers!
You may think you have spied an easy catch because he is just a baby now, but watch out! This is a man in the making! He will be bigger, much bigger. He will know your intentions, not just be wide eyed at your war cries; he will be able to defend his territory and you little bow and arrow kid better watch out mister!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hurricane Harrison

We interrupt your current broadcasting to bring you a live update on a category half inch hurricane rapidly forming. We are in the middle of hurricane season now and this looks to be like one worth tracking as it continues to form! The outer bands of this developing system seem to weaken and strengthen based on the levels of humidity in the circulating areas...
But the eye wall of Hurricane Harrison is well defined and strengthening rapidly reaching inner speeds of uncombed proportions!
We will continue to bring you updates as Hurricane Harrison develops and grows. Forecast models predict this system could develop into a Category 1 inch rapidly. Hurricane Harrison follows on the heels of Hurricane Matt which had reached Category 3 inch at its strongest point in 2001. Stay tuned...we now return you to your current broadcasting.

Friday, August 28, 2009

My New Toy

We were blessed this past week with a new toy! We were given a baby entertainment center! It's got surround sound, plasma wide screen, blue ray, ok not quite, but to Harrison is might as well be the king of all entertainment centers! Look at my new toy? Isn't it the coolest? Let me show you!
There are instructions around here somewhere, but I'm a man- we don't need instructions-we figure things out with our natural problem solving abilities!
So after the initial set up and programing then I just adjust my lazy boy in the central entertainment command center.
Now let me tell you about surround sound! This chair swivels a full 360! That means when I am talking (or yelling) about something it goes all around the room- thus surround sound- for mom and dad at least.
And this cool joy stick over here, well, I'm still figuring it out, but I'm pretty sure with a little work I can get it to override Daddy's Xbox!Now don't tell Mom and Dad all that I've figured out about this entertainment center. They seem very pleased as I chew and play, but they have no idea what this thing can really do!So this whole high tech entertainment center is our little secret!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

And the Parents of the Year Award...

...goes to US! I'm being completely and utterly sarcastic. Why might you ask? We did the first really bad parent thing ever with Harrison! We just got back late last night from visiting family. Not an excuse, but a valid part of this story. We unloaded the car and bathed Harrison. He nursed, but never really settled down before we put him to bed. It wasn't until after he had fallen asleep it hit us... This above pictured event never took place tonight! We had forgotten to feed Harrison his dinner! Oh the guilt that flooded our horrible neglectful minds!
Our poor little guy did not get his dinner! What kind of parents are we? How do you apologize to a five month old? How in the world can you forget to feed you child? No wonder he took forever to nurse! Poor baby!
This morning he made up for it! He ate double what he usually eats at breakfast! Oh Harrison, what are you going to do with us? We really do love you- I promise we have learned our lesson! We will not forget your dinner again! We humbly except this parent of the year award. :/

Monday, August 24, 2009

Peru Baby!

My Uncle Josh and Aunt Lina, and Aunt Holly just got back from a mission trip to Peru! We are very proud of all their work there! But of course my aunts had to do some shopping in Peru and bought me this...

Am I not the cutest little Peruvian guy ever?

Yeah, I'm rocking this hat! Now when do I get to go on a mission trip?

Friday, August 21, 2009

I Can Do It Myself- Almost...

...words I can hear him saying any day. This little guy has a drive and determination that won't quit! He already thinks he on going on five years instead of five months. He is a very sweet and loving little man, but when he is a mission he can get a little feisty until he conquers whatever the feat is. This is little man's latest accomplishment... I'm a big boy! I can stand at the edge of the couch and watch mommy work on the computer!
I try to move down the cough, but I can't figure out how to get my legs to move me, so just my arms stretch and stretch until I fall; this makes me frustrated!
But I am pretty proud of myself to have figured this out! I feel so independent!
I like being a big boy! I'm growing fast; so watch out! :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I Love My Daddy This Much!

Harrison and his Daddy are best buddies! The wrestle, laugh, play games, and have deep long discussions about life, politics, and current events. Harrison thinks his Dad is amazing in every way! He lights up when Matt comes home from work each evening and can't sit still if he sees his Dad coming to pick him up. So when I saw this shirt I couldn't resist buying it! He is so close to his Dad. I pray that this relationship will continue to grow as Harrison becomes a man. I pray Harrison will continue to try to copy Matt's behaviors, drive, passion, and integrity. I feel so blessed as I watch my men interact with each other. I agree with Harrison that Matt is just amazing! I'd say he is my super hero too, but then again, this shirt wouldn't look near as cute on me! :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Picture Lesson - Learn from My Mistakes

This looks like just a t-shirt; but it is not. I will keep it forever as a memory; a lesson I learned. I want to tell you, Harrison the story behind this ordinary t-shirt... I worked and saved up to buy this American Eagle t-shirt when I was 16. It was during the time of my life when name brand clothing was a must! This was my first brand named shirt and for very foolish reasons, felt better about myself in it.
Lesson #1- Do not put so much stock in "things"; store up your treasures in Heaven.
Look closely to the left of the 8. There is a microscopic slit. You see, mom was giving my hair a trim during which I was arguing with her, quite disrespectfully. The scissors caught the t-shirt during a snip and my expensive name brand shirt was marred. I just knew my Mom did it on purpose because she was mad at me for being disrespectful. She said it was an accident and she apologized many times, but I did not want to forgive her.
Lesson #2- Don't let your mom do your hair when she's mad at you; No, I'm joking... Never be disrespectful towards your parents.
Lesson #3- Never hold anger in your heart toward someone, forgive.
My Mom could have left it at that- me a brooding teen or she angry with how I had behaved. But she didn't. She took my prized shirt and secretly patched that little slit up. See that little patch? When my patched t-shirt ended back up in my drawers, I was speechless. I knew mom had wordlessly repaired that minor slit even while I punished her with my silent anger. She heaped coals of fire on my head (Proverbs 25:21-22).
Lesson#4- Actions speak louder than words-mom did not argue with a fool (me), she used actions to show a greater love, an act I did not deserve.
Lesson #5 - Coals of fire on your head hurt!
So without any words my mom and this t-shirt taught me some of the greatest lessons I have ever learned. Harrison, I know there will be times in the future when you may not like me or agree with me. You might get frustrated or angry. But learn from my mistakes and you will save yourself so much heartache. I will parent you with wisdom and love and try to live the example my mom showed me. We will learn and grow together. Let's not either one of us forget this perfect patched t-shirt.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Harrison's Culinary Experiences

Harrison has been a champ when it comes to food. He has not had many foods that he turns down. He is all boy and loves to eat. Here are the many faces of Harrison as he experiences new foods! Once upon a time there was cereal -boring, plain, easy first food...
Then there came new exciting flavors, like...watermelon!

And to provide entertainment to a very grouchy baby ...lemon- and he actually liked it!
oh of course, french fries!!!
He loves prunes...
and sweet potatoes are a favorite!
Bananas were so good he found his thumb!
and this little guy is best friends with his biter cookies!
But, he is not friends at all with peas!
He loves drinking water in his big boy cup!
And this little man whoofs down the zucchini!
And last but not least his new favorite is kiwi! Yum!
Yep, our little guy has a sophisticated palate and there is yet more to come!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Water Baby!

This is the biggest bathtub I have ever seen!
Are you guys sure about this?

Ok, this isn't so bad, but I like to get in slowly!
This is kinda fun kicking my legs all around!
Time for a water break!
Back to the water! Kicking and swimming like the big kids!
Daddy just taught me to use my arms to when I kick; This is my concentrating face.
Wrapped and warm after a good swim with Mom and Dad!
Summertime is the best!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Harrison's New Game


Isn't he the cutest?

(P.S. Turn the volume up to get the full effect of the cuteness!)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm in Love...

Just look what I get to see every day... The two most handsome men ever!
Maybe I'm biased, but look at those men; can't you just see why I'm in love?

And the coolest part is, they both love me too!