Monday, January 26, 2009

30 Weeks!

We are officially headed into the final ten weeks now! It is so amazing how fast it is going by! I can't even begin to describe our excitement about being able to meet our Harrison soon. Matt and I keep talking about how much we are ready now to just see him and hold him and get to know him. These ultrasound pictures are from last month at the start of my preterm labor. It is amazing how perfect and handsome he is!

Great news! I am off bed rest!!! Last week at my follow-up appointment everything looked great so my midwife wanted me to get up and get moving with some restrictions. It has been so nice to get things done around the house and get ready for Harrison! I've washed his clothes, and filled his dresser, organized his room- it is so much fun! Grandpa and Grandma Clark bought Harrison his crib this past week too! I will post some pictures of that next time. It is amazing!!! Harrison is so blessed and I know will love sleeping in his perfect crib! His room looks almost ready for him.

I also just couldn't help myself! My mom and sisters came to visit and we hit the outlet mall to do some shopping! It is just too much fun to buy little man outfits! He is going to be such a handsome guy! He will be just as styled and dashing as his dad in his cords, sweater vests and pullovers, button down dress shirts, polos, and khakis. I can hardly wait to see my little man all dressed up!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Third Trimester

I can hardly believe we have made it through our first full week of the third trimester and are now on the end stretch of this pregnancy! Matt and I can hardly contain our excitement as we count down the remaining weeks and plan the little details of things we need to get and prepare before Harrison arrives!
As of this point I am still on bed rest, but Harrison is doing great and growing fast! This picture is me at 28 weeks and you can see Harrison is starting to grow out now! He is so active and his kicks are getting more intense and frequent as he plays and lets us know he is doing great. He loves hearing his daddy and gets so active when Matt talks to him and pokes on my belly. I am still craving red meat, which still just blows me away since I would never even eat the stuff before I was pregnant. But just over the past few weeks I have had burgers, roast, Fillet Mignon, London broil, and several ground beef dishes. I just can't get enough! I also can't get my fill of fresh veggies and fruit! This little guy is going to come out so healthy and with big muscles!

So tomorrow I have my follow up midwife appointment and will have one every 2 weeks for awhile until 35 weeks at which point I will go weekly. I still can't seem to get my mind around the fact at how fast this is going by and how soon we will hold our little man!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I have officially been on bed rest for four weeks now. The time has not gone by as slow as I thought it would and I think that is has helped to have a lot of exciting things like Christmas and New Years. We have been living with Matt's parents for the past two weeks. It was easier for Matt to have someone be with me all the time while he was at work so he would not worry about me or Harrison. I think these past few weeks have been really helpful to the Dad to be as he has been able to rest and not worry so much. His family has been a blessing and I feel spoiled rotten by all they have done for us! The coolest thing ever happened on Sunday! Still on bed rest, I was wondering how I was going to prepare for Harrison not being able to go out and buy things I needed. I was getting a little overwhelmed thinking about all that needs to be done and set up before his arrival, especially if he does come early! But Matt and I were blessed beyond words! We were given a surprise shower! It was so neat and I felt so encouraged and loved by the outpouring of support and blessings from family and friends. We received so many needed items for Harrison and I was almost speechless as to how I could express my gratitude and joy! Matt and I felt truly blown away by God's awesome provision even for a little life not yet born. I can't wait to tell Harrison about how his Heavenly Father provided for him starting before his first breath. I know this little guy will be used for His glory and that there is a mighty plan for His life. I've felt that since before I knew he was on his way, but God's grace, provisons, and guidance through this pregnancy has reiterated that again and again. Harrison's little life is already singing God's praises and he has already been used to teach his mom and dad more about contentment, peace, and the joy of the Lord!