Birthday Month!

Because we just get so excited about birthdays around here, because we are goofy like this, because birthdays are too short as it is, Matt instituted "Birthday Month" a few years ago. This means the entire month your birthday is in we celebrate the birthday boy/girl as much as possible. We don't buy gifts everyday or eat cake with each meal, but we look for special opportunities to acknowledge that person in a way that would mean the most to them. Favorite meals, hand written cards, balloons, favors, or just saying "Happy Birthday Month!"

Today officially began Harrison's first ever birthday month! We started the day with many happy whoops and hollers followed with a favorite apple cinnamon oatmeal breakfast! I took him to Target and he "picked out" a treat-with help- then I let him play outside to his heart's content leading me where ever he wanted to explore. We are going to decorate the house in fun birthday things like a paper chain counting off the days, and big paper number ones! Birthday months are the best!

I can't believe our guy is already here, here at this one year mark. Everyday he transforms more and more into the man he will grow to be. We stay in awe at God's design and plan for our little guy. So Harrison, in honor of you, this day officially marks the beginning of your birthday month! We love you!


  1. Glad he enjoyed the beginning of his birthday month...which he shares with me! :-) Can't believe he is almost 1. YAY!


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