Friday, February 27, 2009

Showers of Blessings!

It has been awhile since I posted so I am going to try to fill you in on all the amazing events already surrounding Harrison's quickly approaching birthday! Last week I had a blast because I was able to go back and visit where I used to work. I was able to spend some time catching up with friends and just visiting with everyone there. I feel so blessed because while I was there they spoiled me with a pizza and salad lunch and had bought gifts for Harrison! He got some very cute little sleepers and onsies, and blankets, and his bumbo seat tray. I can't wait to see him sitting in it in a few months! Then the Dr. I nursed for gave Harrison a big surprise! As Matt said, Harrison has his first set of wheels! Doesn't it look cool? He will be one hot little man riding around!
On Saturday my Aunt Cindy and Aunt Sarah threw me a baby shower! It was the neatest time because it was all the women in the family- all the aunts, great aunts, grandma's, great grandma's, and cousin's. It was a heart themed party and everyone wore red and I got a beautiful corsage! My aunts put a lot of thought and effort into every little detail. They fixed the most wonderful foods and desserts which of course Harrison loved the sugar overload! We played games- one where I had to change a baby doll's diaper blind folded! Let's just say I don't recommend that on a real baby! I heard I would have dislocated the baby's hip and gotten peed on! Then I was even more in awe as I stared opening gifts! He will be a very stylish little man in all the amazing outfits, shirts, sleepers, pullovers, and jeans he has received from my style conscience family members! He also got his first bathing suit complete with flip-flops for this summer. Some of my aunts bought him this really neat swing! It makes all kinds of soothing water noises like waves and a fountain! It relaxes me to listen to! I think Harrison will like it.
He also now has his bedroom complete!!! The aunts, great aunts, cousins, and grandma's all went in together and got him his sports bedding! It is the most perfect thing ever! I could hardly contain my excitement to get home and put it on his crib! So for your viewing pleasure I will present a tour of Harrison's room!
Harrison and I had our midwife appointment yesterday and everything looks awesome she said. He is head down and engaged, growing fast and has a nice strong heart. When she went to feel him and his position he shifted over and put his rear end in the air and we all had a laugh at the cutest little bump sticking up through my tummy! She said we should go ahead and have the hospital bags organized to go just so we will be ready when it's time! It is hard to believe we have five weeks to go!

Harrison we love you so much and can't wait to see you!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Weekend

This has been one fun weekend! Matt and I enjoyed every last minute of it. This is our last Valentine's without children, but you know what? We can't wait to celebrate this day with our children! Maybe I'm unrealistic, but I want to make heart shape pancakes for our kids, and decorate cookies and get messy with the icing and take them to daddy's work. Things like like that.

This year we went to a local butcher shop and bought a wonderful London broil and Matt grilled it. We had salad and fresh bread. It was so much nicer to be at home and enjoy our own fun dinner without the crowds and waiting. My wonderful husband also surprised me with beautiful flowers! I am so blessed to have Matt as my husband!
Also, as I promised, this is today- Week 33!!! See how big Harrison has gotten? Only 7 weeks to go and I can hardly believe it! We also got Harrison's pack 'n play delivered this week. So we had to set it up and oooh and ahh over how cute and what it will be like to lay our baby in it very soon. We are having way too much fun!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

And Getting Bigger!

If you thought I had grown a lot in the last picture, you should see me now. I promise I will take pictures to post soon of my rapidly expanding belly. Harrison is growing so fast! It has been a blast the bigger he gets because we can now see different body parts very clearly as he kicks and tumbles around in his cramped quarters.

My midwife appointment went great as we found out that Harrison is head down! This is awesome news except that his precious little feet stay at my ribs and he uses them for leg push-ups! :) Somehow I don't mind though. My midwife also released me from all bed rest restrictions so I have been back to driving and going places again. Who would have thought simple errands would be so neat! It has been a blast!

This last part of pregnancy seems to be flying by so quickly. It is fun to be getting the last few things for Harrison that we need here and there, and some things we don't need, but are just too cute to pass up! Matt wanted to have some fun with our Target registry because he wanted to be able to use the scanner gun. What a guy. So we went to Target the other night and Matt went to town adding items and debating about what qualifies as a registry item. Of course being the sports minded man he is he took the gun off to the toy department where he registered for Harrison's first golf club! I love Matt so much! He is already such an incredible father and Harrison is not even born yet. But I can tell they already have a special bond. I look forward to seeing them interact.

Well, other than my tummy growing out really fast, I don't have any of the horrible end of pregnancy symptoms I had been warned about from friends. No swelling anywhere, no back aches, no heartburn, I can still shave my legs and tie my shoes, and I still have plenty of energy- yep, I am back to fast walking a few miles every day and pilates. Oh, new craving- rainbow sherbet! So good! That has become a daily treat!

So far I feel really blessed to have gone through such an amazing pregnancy. Everything has been designed in God's plan and I can't begin to describe the wonderful peace we feel in preparing for Harrison's birth. Only 7 1/2 more weeks until the due date and Matt and I can hardly wait until our arms are holding him!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

That's What Little Boys are Made Of

The weeks are flying by and Matt and I cannot contain our excitement. Our little man is growing so fast! As you can tell from my belly now in week 31, Harrison is getting stronger and plumper! We cannot wait to finally cuddle this little guy. Though I don't know how much of a cuddler he will be! He has gotten so big now that we can clearly see legs, feet, and knees pressing against my belly. He likes to stick his foot out so his Daddy can grab it and hold it for a few seconds. Matt lets go and then Harrison sticks his foot right back out. They go on and on for quite awhile until mommy (me) suggests a timeout for my sore tummy's sake! :) We are having a blast at his little antics and frequent tumblings across my belly.Here is the beautiful crib from Grandpa and Grandma Clark! So soon we will be laying Harrison down to sleep in it. Isn't it amazing? We feel so blessed to have it. It has been so much fun to go into his room and just touch his crib and look at it; knowing very soon we will be using it! Don't you just love the awesome football rug?We hope to continue with a sports theme. We are just going to go all out boy! Matt has already been planning what sports to teach Harrison first. So far on the list are golf, football, baseball, basketball, and tennis. At least Harrison already feels active enough to play with his Dad soon! :)

Tomorrow is my next midwife appointment and hopefully I will get permission to drive again. It is always fun to go to my appointments and listen to Harrison's heartbeat on the doppler and get the latest measurements of his rapidly growing home! Hard to believe only a few more weeks and we get to weigh and measure him outside my tummy!