The Fifth Month

We had a blast getting to know you as grew and grew. You finally found your thumb during the fifth month- I cannot begin to tell you how this made life easier for me, I uh, mean you :) You became a huge fan of homemade biter biscuits which you somehow manged to bite through! You were not a fan of peas! You were at that stage where we could do just about anything to you and you would let us; you didn't know enough yet to protest our antics.
You really started enjoying the water!
And I'm glad I have picture proof, you started cruising during your fifth month! I could hardly believe it, but here you are going up and down the couch-more of that independent streak!
Your aunts brought you back this very cool hat from Peru and you were a trooper to let us all take a million pictures of you wearing it-of course, at this point you were used to all the cameras all the time.
We were very blessed with a new awesome toy-your excersaucer! You just loved it! And I just loved it because it because it kept you contained kept you entertained.
You were becoming more and more of our little boy every day and less and less of a baby. Month five brought huge changes to your looks and abilities and that was only the beginning of all the changes fast approaching...


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