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Seasons of the Heart

(Disclaimer: These pictures have nothing to do with this post, but this blog is also for the entertainment of grandparents who appreciate seeing the daily antics of these crazy kiddos.)

Discipling opportunities present themselves every day, everywhere, if you stay open to hearing and seeing from the Spirit's leading. You don't need a curriculum or a degree from an accredited theological seminary. I grow right alongside my kids as we see every day examples of God's work in our lives. But I never thought our hiking trail would become a tool to teach us so much.   When we moved to our new house last summer we knew we wanted to create a way to enjoy the wooded acres on our property. We hatched a plan to clear a trail through the dense woods and in the early fall we began the tireless work, five to six days a week for months, to clear a trail through our woods.  We moved limbs and rocks, cut through fallen trees, and hacked through the thickest thorn vines in existence, I'…

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