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Faith Lifting

You know that feeling you get when you're being watched? I was halfway through my strength training routine and could just feel little eyes on me.  Casting a sweaty glance to the staircase in between deadlift reps I learned I was under the intense scrutiny of Jefferson peering between the balusters.  I've learned what this expression means; a silent study which signals his mind rapid firing with analogy and inquisition. No sooner had I set my dumbbell down before the organized line of questions started pouring out of him.  "Mom, why do you lift a weight? What is it exactly doing to your muscles?"  I give a simple explanation. Lifting a heavy enough weight to challenge yourself over a series of repetitions actually creates small tears in the muscle. These tears are repaired into bigger and stronger muscle tissue than before.  "So you actually have to break and hurt your muscle to make it stronger?" I see his conclusion doesn't sound all that great when …

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