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Basketball: Season III

We just wrapped up our third season of basketball. Every season has brought big changes.  Siblings have been added, houses have been built, and several inches have been grown.   But perhaps the biggest changes have taken place in my little athletes and the siblings that support them.  The commitment to practices and games is time consuming but I love the way all five of these little people come together in support of each other.  Sisters and baby brothers even offer their services to entertain at half time.  I've seen incredible growth in my oldest baby.  His passion and understanding for the game has taken off and he is a true king of defense.  Harrison also blossomed in character and sportsmanship, helping up fallen teammates, congratulating good plays, and thanking the refs after every game.  His heart was noticed by coaches, teammates, and his proud parents and siblings.  In fact, each brother and sister love rushing into the locker room after games to take place in the pos…

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