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Happy Two Years Washington!

Dear Washington,  You may be two years old today and officially entering the "toddler era", but you are still referred to as "the baby" by pretty much everyone in your household.  Seriously, your siblings constantly say things like, "baby needs some wants to go outside...does baby want to play blocks? loves needs a broke something glass, again...".  I promise to try to break the habit by the time you're a teenager, at least in public, but your siblings will probably most always refer to you fondly as "baby".  I'm sorry, not sorry.  You are a constant wild man. You empty cabinets, dump out bins, overturn furniture, and smash breakables all faster than I can comprehend it's happening.  But then you turn that devilishly cute grin my direction and disarm me so fast. You're seriously a living sour patch kid, "first there's sour, then there's sweet."  You love all things …

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