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Closer Than a Brother

I will confess the second part of that Bible verse has always left me confused, "A friend that sticks closer than a brother.." We are fervently aiming to have our five little Clarks continue to grow in their bond with one another; to protect, love, serve, and support each other as long as there're on this Earth.    What bond would be written about that could be exemplified greater than a bond of brotherhood? And how can I train my growing children to attain to this relational level?  But then on a random Sunday in August, in his quiet and steady way, Jeff lived out the doctrine that had left me confused and in one act of devoted love to his big brother cleared up any ideas that I somehow needed some special parenting measures to ensure their bond into adulthood.  In Sunday School, Jefferson's class was presented with the craft. After hearing what it was to be, the leaders gave the class the option of staying indoors to complete the craft, or going outside to play on…

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