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Jefferson's 11th Birthday Interview

 The kids' favorite birthday traditions consist of being measured on the family growth chart, planning a special treat to stick candles in and devour, and the birthday interviews.  Every year I wonder if it will be the last year they want to take part in the same yearly questions and without fail, every year, so far, it's been the older three boys who excitedly seek me out to conduct it.  So since it's secretly one of my favorite traditions, and I will be wistful when the days of birthday interviews come to their natural conclusion, I'll keep on conducting them, and cherishing every single one of their responses.  Without further ado, Jefferson's 11th birthday interview: What's your favorite color: Blue, really all shades. I just like blues a lot What is your favorite thing to play: Easy, Legos  What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch: Homemade lunchables, chicken nuggets, and I make a really good grilled cheese What is your favorite thing to wear: My fun S

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