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Happy 3 Year Birthday Interview

Washington, are you ready for your first birthday interview? I do birthday game?  Sure, the birthday interview game, you ready? Yeah!  What's your favorite color: Blue! What's your favorite thing to play: Cars! Are you going to yell every answer? Yes! What is your favorite movie: Lightening McQueen gets broken (Cars 3) What's your favorite thing to eat: Lightening McQueen and cake!  What's your favorite holiday: Cam-caus! (Christmas) What's your favorite thing to eat for breakfast: Cake! Bacon, and bacon! What is your favorite show to watch on TV: Lightening McQueen get broken, uh, Mickey Mouse, uh Paw Patrol!  What is your favorite game: My game! (at bedtime he runs in circles saying everyone's names in our family before landing on one to choose for that person to say what they're thankful for.) What's your favorite snack: Cake and fruit pouch! What's your favorite song: "Awesome God is Awesome" song! What is your favorite book to read? …

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