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Birthday Interview with 6 Year Old Wilson

Is it time for my interview?!?! It's my favorite!!  Yep! You ready?  Let's do this!
What's your favorite color: Blue and Red What's your favorite thing to play: Blaze and the Monster Machines and all my new things (slap bracelets, fidget spinner, jacob's ladder toy, Stretch Armstrong, dinosaur robot)

What's your favorite movie: Spiderverse and Avengers and also Inside Out, I really love that one. What's your favorite thing to eat for breakfast: Breakfast sandwiches and bacon! Oh, are those flat circle things breakfast foods?  Pancakes? Yes. Then yes! Those too! 

What's your favorite thing to wear: My Hulk shirt, Hulk pants (green athletic pants that got way too short months ago but he still loves wearing them). Oh! My Flash shirt! I really love that! And my dinosaur shirt! What's your favorite song: Bubbling Up (VBS song), 'What's Up' (Spiderverse song), Happy Birthday Jesus, and Million Dreams (The Greatest Showman) What's your fa…

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