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Opposition Research

I recently heard a mom discussing her parenting methods. She believed it was wrong to discuss some spiritual issues with children, namely, demons and Satan. Her reasoning? That it would develop an unhealthy curiosity in children and ultimately draw them away from God, that talking about the "evil" would make them want to practice it.  
I remember having to purposely school my features so as to not register my complete bafflement over that thought process.  When I work with my kids in the kitchen I make sure they learn how to safely boil water. I teach them the boiling point, discuss the different states of water, and then make sure they know the dangers that could result from boiling water or steam on the skin. Never once did my discussing boiling water make them want to try to stick their hand in it. It certainly didn't develop a curiosity to try. I armed them with knowledge and the ability to use it for productive outcomes like rice and pasta with a healthy respect fo…

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