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Happy Birthday Washington!

Dear Washington, Happy 12 months. Happy 365 days. Happy 525,600 minutes. From your first breath to your cake smash, you have been a complete joy.  We are truly honored to have been chosen to be your parents.  You are a sweet yet feisty little man.  You go with the flow but won't shy away from sharing your opinion if you feel the need.  You love being with your siblings. You will play right along beside them, literally. If they are laying down to get a ground's eye view of their legos or action figures you see no problem with crawling across and over their backs and legs.  You have definite sounds for each of your brothers and sister and make your best attempts to call them if you're in another room from your favorite people on the earth.  You are getting more talkative and expressive. You do your part in the Clark brother's cheering section at basketball games as you clap and wave at your big brothers on the court.  Your taste buds are slowly expanding, though if you…

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