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Thanksgiving Interview 2019

Blogging has taken a back seat to well, life.  But there are still a few traditions I want to document which will provide some life support to this little corner of the internet; like our annual Thanksgiving Day Interview.  Prepare to be entertained. 

What is one thing/item you are thankful for?
Harrison: Legos Jefferson: Watermelon Wilson: My new bed Madison: Blueberries and More Baby Washington: Daddy!

Who is one person you are thankful for?
Harrison: My Family Jefferson: My Brothers Wilson: Mom Madison: Addi Washington: Daddy! (Yeah, he has a favorite parent :) 

What is a spiritual thing you are thankful for?
Harrison: God sent his son to die in our place. Jefferson: God always forgives us. Wilson: He created our family and the whole Earth. Madison: God loves me. Washington: Uh, All ye lands! (We're working on memorizing Psalm 100)

What is a weakness you are thankful for?
Harrison: My anger. It reminds me I can't control it on my own and how much I need God's strength. …

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