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Happy Birthday Interview 7th Edition

Ok Cap, ready for this?!   For my interview now?!?! Yes! Ok, let's do this! But uh, how long will this take? Goodber! Ok, what's your favorite color: Blue What's your favorite thing to play with: Legos and Magnaformers What's your favorite movie: Lego Batman Movie What's your favorite thing to eat: watermelon and blueberries What's your favorite game: Uno What's your favorite snack: fruit snacks What's your favorite song: Uh, Toby Mac and the Bible School music CD's with the songs on them we sing at Bible School What's your favorite book: The Avengers story book, and the Veggie Tales one when Junior goes into all the different stories. Who's your best friend: My brothers and family, and Jaden and Asher What's your favorite thing to play outside: Jumping on the trampoline and we like to play Jurassic World on the there too and we're capturing different dinosaurs. What do you want to be when you grow up?: A spy and kid doctor, I coul…

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