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Madison's 7th Birthday Interview

 Happy birthday Madison! It is always so much to celebrate your special days filled with pink and sparkles and all things princess! Your personality shines through all you love including your birthday interview. So without further ado... What is your favorite color: Pink, all pinks, like all of them, and some purple and some yellow What is your favorite thing to play: My dolls, Mirabelle and Chiffon  What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch: Pepperoni and cheese, like the swirl one (colby jack) What is your favorite thing to wear: Dresses; I really love long dresses, or sparkly dresses, or twirl dresses What's your favorite thing to play outside: I love playing in my fairy garden, the sand box, swimming in the pool, exploring the woods and making a secret playhouse, and the trampoline; I love jumping and bouncing on the trampoline What's your favorite holiday: Christmas and my birthday  What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast: Well, when it's a special treat br

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