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Eleventh Birthday Interview

Dear Harrison, you are turning eleven today, amidst a global pandemic and grocery shortages, delayed shipping on your gifts, and pouring rain. But none of it matters to you and your sweet heart as you are joyfully and contentedly excited to celebrate as a family at home all together.   So in light of the chaos of the world outside (we were able to find precious few decorations and slim cake ingredients) we're having a birthday you'll never forget; and we kicked it off with the traditional birthday interview. So without further ado, I give you the birthday boy... What's your favorite color: Yellow, the bright shade, not a yucky one What's your favorite thing to play: Legos, Transformers, tag, and ninjas of the earth, it's a fun thing we invented with out imaginations.  What's your favorite thing to eat for lunch: if there's leftover steak, then that! But if not, I like subs and sandwiches, tuna sandwiches are my favorite. 

What is your favorite thing to wea…

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