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Birthday Interview with the 8 Year Old

J: Mom, is it time for my interview? That's my favorite! M: You know it! Ready?  J: Yep!

Ok, What's your favorite color: The same as it is in every interview so far probably, blue! What is your favorite thing to play: Legos, probably, and I really also like magnaformers, and oh yeah, put Transformers too

What is your favorite movie: Lego Movie 2  What is your favorite thing to eat: Watermelon, all the time

What is your favorite game: Uno, card games like that are my favorite  What is your favorite snack: fruit snacks

What's your favorite song: Toby Mac, all his stuff, not like every song on every disc, but mostly all What is your favorite book to read: The Avengers 'I Can Read' ones

Who's your best friend: My brothers and Jaden and Asher What is your favorite thing to play outside: When the hay grows really tall I love running through it and hiding in it!

What do you want to be when you grow up? A kid doctor and maybe a spy. I also want to mix serums and creat…

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