Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Birthday Beach

Wilson got my beach loving genes.
Seriously, the kid has shed tears over not waking up at the beach some days. 
So after months of fall and winter begging for a beach day, we figured his birthday would be the best time to hit the sand. 
We got our picnic blanket and sunscreen, shovels and hoodies (it was a blazing 60 degrees), and headed towards the coast. 
Even though it was windy and chilly, not one of us cared!
We didn't tell the kids where we were going which made it way more fun for us.
But it didn't take them long to figure it out once we started unloading shovels and buckets from the back of the car. 
The beach we go to has a half mile hike through the woods before it opens out onto the beach. 
Our favorite part is watching for the moment we can see water peeking through the trees. 
We found the perfect spot and Wils could not have been any more happy as he ran up and down the beach shrieking. 
Madison wasn't as picky about getting sand on her hands this year as she was last year, but she was not adventurous at all when it came to anything other than sitting and looking at the water. 
But she and Washington were the only ones who were content to just sit and look. 
Even with the wind and chilly day, it didn't take 20 minutes before the big boys had plowed head first into water. 
Eventually we hung wet clothes over sticks stuck in the sand to dry and the boys stretched out in the sun to dry. 

You know those fleeting moments you know you will never forget, just a frozen in time image you'll cherish forever? Watching all my salty little heads drying in the sun was one of those, a memory filled with sounds of waves, little boys laughing, and sandy kisses from the birthday boy for his day at the beach. :) 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Two Month Washington

 Happy 2 Months (and one week) old Washington! 
 This month has been very adventurous and milestone achieving! 
 You met all your great grandparents, took your first road trip, went on several hikes, went to the beach, started cereal (I know I'm a terrible parent according to the AAP), rolled from front to back, started smiling, talking, and a primitive laugh. 
 You went from size newborn diapers, to size 1 diapers, to size 2 diapers in less than a week. I think you'll hold steady for a little while now. 
 You are in size 3 month clothing and you totally rocked your Easter outfit with your green chinos and bow tie! You were 21" and 11lbs 10oz at your check up. 
 But my favorite event of the past month has been your awesome conquering of sleep! There was a point around 3-4 weeks where you ate every hour and a half around the clock and I wondered if I would ever sleep again! Keeping up with you and your siblings on almost zero sleep was becoming an unreachable feat. 
 But after some perseverance, staying on top of your routine, and a lot of prayer, you started stretching it out. The first night you went six hours I wanted to throw a party! And then you went 8, then 9, and now you go 11 straight beautiful sleeping hours! I am a happy, non-zombie momma, and you are a happy playful guy. I still might throw that sleep party! ;)
 Ash, we love your bright blue eyed stares, your sweet "words", the way you light up when you see your Daddy, and the way you snuggle your little head under my chin. You are so flexible and have no problem spending the day tucked into a sling or carrier and going along with whatever crazy adventure we've got planned. You only fuss when you're tired or in the carseat (you hate the carseat.)
You are the best surprise we've ever gotten and we are so thankful God decided our family needed you! We love you so very much and cannot wait for all the months and years ahead!

Monday, April 17, 2017


 Our house broke ground several weeks back. We've officially become construction stalkers. 
 Any excuse, time, or day we can muster up we are driving out there to see the progress. I guess we could appear a little obsessed to the construction crews. 
 The kids are as excited as we are and it's been an incredible learning experience. So far we are getting hand on lessons in footings and foundations. 
 This week our lumber was dropped off and the framing will begin! While we eagerly wait for each step, building this house has been an incredible discipling opportunity as well. 
 When we first bought the land and house back in December the very first thing we did was to huddle up in winter coats and walk across the land praying over it alongside the kids.
 We wanted them to see from day one that this home and land our not ours, but Gods; His blessing and provision and we are stewards of it. We want them to know that these walls and doors we will call our home are to ever be used for His glory. 
 The day they poured the foundation provided the opportunity to show the kids a hands on lesson about the foolish man and the wise man. We built block towers on the carpet and they fell over before they could get very tall due to the weak foundation. But when we built on a hard flat surface our towers rose higher and higher. 
 The kids were able to see the importance of our new home's foundation but also that having Christ as our foundation will allow strong steady growth that will not be easily shaken. 
 At each visit to our homesite we continue to pray over it. We pray for the hands building our home, for their safety and blessing. We pray that the Holy Spirit is already presiding over and protecting it. We pray for wisdom in how to use and utilize the gift of this home. 
It's been an incredible journey so far, building this house, but with each passing day of progress I'm realizing more and more, that the kids and ourselves are being built more too. 

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Birthday Interview with a Wils

Ok Wilson, ready for your birthday interview? 
Ok! What are we doing?
I'm asking you questions and you'll just give me your answers. Ready?
Ok and then I can open presents?
What's your favorite color? Uh green blue
Uh Blue!
What's your favorite thing to play? Uh, cars and magnaformers!
What's your favorite movie? Wilson!
Wilson isn't a movie. 
Yes I am! The Wilson movie!
Ok, what's your other favorite movie? Ugh, I guess Baymax
What's your favorite thing to eat for lunch? Movies!
We do not eat movies for lunch.
Yes we do! But I like to!
What kind of food do you like to eat for lunch?
Hot dogs!
What's your favorite thing to wear? A shirt, uh my batman shirt!
What's your favorite song? The Batman song
I haven't heard you sing the Batman song, is that really your favorite? 
Batman song and Toby Mac, uh, yeah
What's your favorite book? What you see! (Brown Bear, Brown Bear)
What's your favorite thing to play outside? Basketball!
Who's your best friend? Girls!
Really Wils? For real? What are their names?
Uh I dunno, but the girls are my best friends!
Really, are you like minded and build each other up and you know their names?
Uh, ok Jeff and Bubs are my best friends
What's your favorite holiday? The heart one!
What's your favorite thing to sleep with? My blue!
What's your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?
 What do you want to be when you grow up? Five!
Ok, you'll be five soon enough but what do you want to be when you're all grown up into a man?
I be Wilson! 
 What's your favorite thing to watch on tv? Blaze
What's your favorite fruit? Apples
What's your favorite animal? Horses!
What's your favorite drink? Poppa's juice!
I mean Poppa's tea! (sweet tea)
What's your favorite special treat? Cake!!
What's your favorite Bible verse? The Sword Sword (Hebrews 4:12)

Wils, you constantly keep me on my toes, keep me laughing, and keep me guessing. Your personality is as big as the sky and you enamor anyone you have a conversation with which is almost everybody around you since you know no strangers. You love meeting new "friends" passing out compliments, and spreading your infections joy and smiles. I love your knock knock jokes, the flowers you pick me, the way you attempt to sneak candy, and the way you wrap your arms around me and kiss my cheek telling me I'm your 'Mommy Angel'. God has given us a great gift in you and I cannot wait to see the man God grows you to be! We love you! Happy 4th birthday! 

Monday, April 10, 2017


Jefferson is the most gentle, calm, easy going kid in existence. He is my polite little gentleman and has earned the very appropriate nickname of Cap (Captain America). 
He is a peacemaker and calm defender. He doesn't get into the serious brawling his brothers engage in and he doesn't have dreams of tackle football. 
In fact, he wants to be a doctor when he grows up. His easy going nature has a way of calming and he is an incredible listener so I know that if he does indeed earn his M.D. he will be the best there is. 
Due to his gentle, passive nature he was the last of the boys I expected to break a bone. But none the less, he secured the role of first to have a broken bone in our family. He had two back to back falls a day apart so we aren't sure which one actually caused the break. But since the first fall he had been complaining of pain and after the second fall his arm couldn't be touched without him turning white. 
So armed with a bag of pretzels and an iPad, I loaded up all five kids and took him to a local urgent care. After being x-rayed the doctor there said he had major damage to his growth plate and I needed to get him in with an orthopedic surgeon ASAP. Terrified I immediately called and we got seen the next day where he was cleared of growth plate injuries but did have a break that needed casted. 
We were blessed with an awesome tech who took one look at Jefferson's Captain America action figure he had clutched in his hand and created him his own arm shield. Jeff has been very proud of his Captain America protective gear for the past three weeks. We had it taken off last week and he's still in a hard brace for a few more weeks, but his arm is healing great. I'm super proud of my gentle little man and glad that for a few weeks he got a built in weapon and shield to make him feel even more like the Captain America I know he is. 

Friday, April 7, 2017


A few weeks ago we had a freak snow storm, ok I guess it wasn't that abnormal since it was still mid March, but in my opinion it was uncalled for.
But to my boys it was an answer to nightly prayers for one more snow at this house before we move. God answered in the form of several inches glazed over with ice. It stayed around for almost a week giving hyper boys ample slipping and sliding snow play.
The princess, on the other hand, had a different opinion. She started off excited enough to wear her pink snow gear and favorite hat but once we stepped outdoors she froze, no pun intended, or maybe it was.
She stood motionless for several minutes, got hit in the face with a snow ball and was so over the frozen white stuff. She retreated back inside to get wrapped in down blankets and watch her new favorite movie "Snow", aka "Frozen". She prefers the theatrical fiction version of snow, and I certainly didn't mind curling up with her to watch a "chick flick" ;)