Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Matt's birthday is actually in a few weeks, but with Jefferson's fast approaching arrival we were running out of time to travel before I am too far along to safely do so. This is a big birthday for my amazing husband...he will be 30! To me that is a very special birthday and I wanted to do something really special to celebrate. If you know Matt, you know he is a huge Braves fan, but he has never been able to get to a Braves game. So we loaded up and headed for a weekend away in Braves country! My boys had a blast! This is their Disney World, their dream vacation, the best thing that could have happened to them. Harrison was as excited as Matt! These two men breathe baseball. They play catch and have batting practice every night. Harrison is learning the Braves players names and the Braves war cry. He knows how to slide into home plate and how to "get someone out!"
When Harrison knew we were headed to a real baseball game he was ready to jump on the field and play alongside the players. He didn't understand why he couldn't join in the game. He kept yelling at one of the players named Prada to, "Throw the ball to me Prada! I catch it!"
Harrison really got into the game. This is when he was yelling to, "Get him out!" He had a blast cheering along with the thousands of fans, chanting the war cry, and watching the fireworks go off after a home run.
He kept his glove close by during the entire 12 innings (yes, our first "real" base ball game ended up going into extra innings-what more could two baseball fanatics ask for?)
My little man was so great during the game. A few slower times during the game Harrison would sit on the steps and play with his cars, chow down on cotton candy, or a help his Daddy eat a foot-long hot dog!
My two men had such a blast and we couldn't have asked for a better evening. Harrison was still going strong when the Braves pulled off an amazing win close to 11pm! Maybe it was the adrenalin, but Harrison was pumped. These guys had such a blast that we decided to go to another game the next day!
This time we sat up high behind home plate so the boys could watch the action from different view point. I though the boys enjoyed themselves the first night, but I think that just wet their appetites. They are hooked and I admit, I had a great time too!
I love the bond my two men have. I love their shared love of sports and cheering on their team. I love watching them get into the game together as they commiserate a loss and cheer a win. I love that Matt had an amazing birthday weekend celebrating with his little guy and their beloved Braves. I love that I get to have a house full of men and I can't wait until Jefferson is here to join in on all the fun!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Becoming His Own

Matt and I have noticed over the past couple weeks Harrison's, "I can do it myself-ness" has really taken off. He wants to fix his own food, pick out his own clothes, bathe himself, carry heavy loads with no help, etc. For better or worse it has hit full force and this is no baby anymore as he fully launches into independence. (Yes, his fireman hat is on backwards; that's the way he likes it :)
He is very good at clearing the dinner table, scraping dirty dishes, and helping load and unload the dishwasher. He can get out and put back any toy he wants. He loves to water our plants with absolutely no assistance in operating the faucet or hose. He is so very good at doing things without being asked, but we are also working on the fact that there are some things he needs to ask about before doing. We've had major spills, frustrated meltdowns, and broken items over this independence, but with patience we work together until he is proficient in his desired task. I'm pretty proud of my " I can do it myself" guy especially since he does it a respectful way with a desire to learn. When there is a new task he wants to know how to do he asks, "Teach me mommy, please?" He is a great little guy and I'm pretty proud of the young man emerging.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

32 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights

How Far Along: 32 Weeks

Size of Baby: Just under 17 inches and anywhere from 3 1/2lbs to 4lbs
Weight Gain: 12 lbs total so far. My doctor wants me to gain about a pound a week from here on out as Jefferson starts getting chubbier and putting on weight to keep warm once born.

Gender: Boy! Jefferson Lee

Movement: This guy is still rocking and rolling a ton! There are very few times he is completely still. I think I may have another wild man on his way! :)

Maternity Clothes: Still a mix of regular and maternity

Cravings: Fruit! I can't get enough of it! I've eaten my weight in peaches, cherries, watermelon, grapes, and strawberries this week!

Symptoms: Two words...pregnancy brain!

Best Moment of the Week: Having Harrison really get to feel Jefferson kick. He is not a fan of the sensation and it usually sends him running from my lap, but he is fully aware that is Jefferson in there making all that movement and he tells him to come out or to stop tackling him when he feel him kick!
Another belly shot with my little man who loves to take a "ba-wee" shot with me each week. I have a hard time not cracking up because he even turns to the side to take the picture! Jefferson is around the length of Harrison's whole torso. The big brother is getting anxious to meet this little guy we keep measuring every week

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Not A Good Concept

There has been a trend of reality shows lately all based on the element of surprise. Surprise makeovers, surprise remodels, quints by surprise, surprise reunions, and cook 1000 cupcakes with a surprise ingredient. But one concept I don't see taking off is surprise medical procedures. Believe me, we know this first hand. We tried it out and it doesn't quite have the same element of excitement or ability to reel in the audience in a charming way.
We went to see a podiatrist for Harrison's toe which had been quite swollen for some time. I thought it would be a lot of talking and no clear answers...ha! Within 15 minutes I was lying on an operating table holding my screaming 2 year old while they anesthetized his foot in order to remove an ingrown toenail.
With both of us in tears by the end and me feeling like mom of the year for having in no way prepared him for this traumatic experience, we were sent off with his foot bandaged up and strict orders for him to remain off of it for 24-48 hours.
He's been a trooper. Today has been spent with him on his stool surrounded by his cars and trucks, watching his favorite movies, and he may or may not be eating Trix cereal and mac 'n cheese. (Yes, I feel guilty and am spoiling him; yes, he knows this and is using it to his advantage.)
So my little man remains bandaged in a rather unsightly wrapping covered with one of my pink socks (his are too small to cover the bandage). He refuses to take any medicine, says he feels fine...what a man! He is a trooper and I'm so proud of him. But for the record, unplanned, unprepared for, aka surprise, medical procedures are just not pleasant. Probably up there with surprise purse snatching.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Presents for the Little Bro'

Matt had a great idea. He wanted to get Harrison excited about celebrating Jefferson's birthday. We took Harrison to Toys "R" Us so he could pick out any baby toy he wanted to buy for Jefferson. He thought he was big stuff to be able to pick all on his own and he wanted nor needed any direction. He went straight for the baby toys aisle and carefully perused the selection of vibrating, large eyed, bright colored animals and selected a green frog as a car toy for Jefferson. Then he homed in on the noisy, button laden toys with bright lights and sounds. As he said, "Jefferson needs a phone!" Harrison's proud purchases are now waiting in Jefferson's room and he occasionally goes in to hold them and selflessly try them out for Jefferson.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

In Your Face

Harrison's new obsession is the garden hose. It started with a little dollar squirt gun. Then he realized he could get more water action from my squirt bottle. That lasted a little while until he found that the greatest water spraying source was the hose. Now the wild man goes straight for the hose to cool off. Unless he is drenching one of us, it is pretty entertaining watching him spray himself in the face!

Friday, May 20, 2011

"Teef Cleanin"

Harrison had his first dentist appointment yesterday. One of us was a nervous wreck and it wasn't him! I was so nervous for him, but he sure did prove I had nothing to worry about. All the bright colors and wall of toys quickly pulled him right into his comfort zone and he was having a great time while I envisioned all the scraping and scaling of little teeth to come. They called his name and he walked right on back with the nurse and climbed up on the table. He looked so big and brave sitting there while she talked to him about brushing his teeth. Then she started pulling out the equipment and I braced myself for protests. Not that Harrison is a difficult kid at all, but having your mouth full of weird buzzing and scraping tools might create an undesirable situation.
(Sorry, I can't turn the picture for some reason.) This awesome kid opened his mouth with not one protest and happily watched the flat screen tv above his head while she cleaned his little teeth!
His favorite part of the entire visit was the "sucky". He kept asking to do it again and again.
He even laid completely still while they flossed his teeth! I don't even fully cooperate with myself when I floss my teeth. That is the most unatural thing in the world to me to run string between your teeth. Me and flossing are not friends, but Harrison had not one issue with it. Then the dentist came over and had to do some scaling on his bottom front teeth. Harrison again laid patiently back in the chair fully into his Disney show without a care in the world. At this point I would have been covered in goosebumps from the scraping and grabbing the arm rest! Needless to say, my big boy showed me up today! He made me so proud! I could learn a few things from this guy. He is my brave little man with a clean bill of health teeth.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

31 Weeks

(Harrison wanted to get in on the "ba-wee", aka belly, shot.)

Pregnancy Highlights
How Far Along: 31 Weeks
Size of Baby: 16 inches head to toe and weighing 3 1/2-4lbs
Weight Gain/Loss: 12lbs now-will be growing every week from here on out since this little guy will be packing on some pounds. Can't wait to see those little chunky thighs!
Gender: Boy - Jefferson Lee
Movement: His movements are more like long, big stretches and rolling and less hard kicking. I think he is running out of room!
Maternity Clothes: Still a mix of tops, some regular jeans, regular dresses, and maternity shorts and capris
Cravings: For some reason I have really wanted Trix cereal this week...weird because I can't even remember the last time I had Trix!
Symptoms: I have very sore abdominals after running now. The growing baby belly is starting to feel a little heavy while running so I am using an Ace bandage as support.
Best Moment of The Week: We got Jefferson's crib! It was such a blessing from his Mimi and Papa. We were doubly blessed by finding his crib on HUGE sale too! With both boys it keeps my heart so full to see how God provides for their every need even before their arrival!

Big brother Harrison with a line of some of his favorite cars which measure out to 16 inches.

And just for fun, here is a side by side comparison of me pregnant with Harrison at 31 weeks on the left and now at 31 weeks with Jefferson on the right. I think I am pretty much the same size with both boys at this point, what do you think?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Man of the House

One of the best quotes about parenting I've ever heard was, "We are not raising children, we are raising adults." I want my children to enjoy being kids and being carefree, curious, and having a ton of fun learning and growing up. But I also don't want to forget the fact that this toy loving, sugar addicted, mischievous little ball of energy will be an adult one day. I call Harrison my little man. He takes this as a huge compliment and never fails me when I tell him how much I need his manly help. When Daddy leaves for work every morning he knows he his man of the house in his stead. I want to encourage his desire to be a man by instilling in him independence and skills necessary for general life. My little man will be a grown man one day, with bigger responsibilities, so I want to start him out on small things that are his domain to take charge over.
Harrison is my right hand man on cleaning days. This amazing kid knows his responsibilities and does them happily and with fierce determination to do his best. He knows plenty of praise and "manly" compliments will come his way with a job well completed! He loves to take over when I am vacuuming. Though he barely covers any ground as he struggles to maneuver it, he is proud of his efforts. I am too. He is giving his best and that is a blessing to see.
His tasks are simple and I've done my best to display an attitude of joy as we clean the house so he can see cleaning is not a drudgery, but a privilege to take care of the things God has blessed us with. We laugh and play games as we scrub and sweep always keeping it fun.
Harrison is responsible for sweeping up the little piles I have swept, refilling all the toilet paper holders, putting away the silverware, and emptying the dryer by taking the clothes to my bedroom. He does each with a manly flair making sure I am watching his accomplishments and I adequately praise each completed task. He also loves "cleaning" with his squirt bottle of water and a paper towel!
One day Harrison will be a student, an employee, a co-worker, a husband, a boss. All of these require a foundation of being able to complete a task, follow through, a job well done, and knowing what is required without being asked. I am proud that at 2 years old he knows exactly what his responsibilities are and completes them without me reminding him or asking him over and over. He is my biggest helper and the little man of the house!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Heart of Worship

Every Sunday after church Matt asks us what we learned that morning. He is such an amazing leader and I admire the way he shepherds us as his family towards our growing in Christ. He challenges us to listen and grasp a new truth in a way we haven't learned before every week. As it was Harrison's turn to talk about what he learned, he gave a response that needed no explanation. He said, "The music and I sang to Jesus!" If you could be around Harrison for just a few hours you would see this little man's true heart of worship. He loves to praise Jesus through music. I have learned so much from my two-year-old when it comes to "singing psalms and hymns, and spiritual songs. Making music in your heart to the Lord." Ephesians 5:19 He is unashamed as he dances and raises his hands to the Lord with praise. And not only in church service. At home when I turn on praise music he is the definition of joy as he skips and dances along, singing his heart out.
I love his passion, his desire to "pwaise Jesus with singin'!" I love how he doesn't care what anyone around him thinks. We as adults get so inhibited in our expression of praise to our Savior by what others around us are doing or not doing. I want to be more like my son in the way I come unashamedly before my Father.

So as for what I learned yesterday in church, I would have to say I didn't learn from the pulpit, the Sunday School teacher, or anyone with a theology degree. I learned from my son.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Rocks and Berries

We had such a blast picking strawberries last year that we decided to go again this season. This time, Harrison is an all boy 2-year-old with his own idea of fun and adventures. The highlight of the day was the gravel parking lot. What you can't see is the four other boys all sitting in the rocks playing too with their own moms trying to convince them to come pick berries. After informing Harrison I needed his big strong muscles to carry the bucket for me, he figured he was man enough for the job and triumphantly paraded out to the fields displaying his strength. Of course, the promise of tasting sun sweetened berries also added to the allure of leaving the gravel parking lot paradise to actually pick the strawberries. But after picking one or two my adventurous little man was out to find a new conquest. He scoped out the land and explored for bugs, tractors, and any inventive way to cross as many rows as possible without getting caught. Of course, what man can resist showing off his muscle power? He had a blast hauling the five pound buckets back and forth between Matt and me.
Along with the gravel dust on his pants, the pockets full of rocks, and some grass stains, he did at least leave with some evidence that he had gone strawberry picking!
So, unlike last year, the picking thing really wasn't of interest to him. He could care less about the hunt for the perfect berry, the tasting as you pick, but the foods we have made with the strawberries? Now that is another story! This guy is a HUGE fan of homemade strawberry jam! He helped hull the strawberries and watched patiently as we mashed, mixed, and canned. He kept asking to taste. Unfortunately, jelly is not an instant gratification recipe. So after canning and sitting for 24 hours he got to partake... ...this is one happy guy! I'd say he thinks strawberry picking is worth it now that he knows what those little berries can become!