Monday, March 29, 2010

The Cake

You only get one first birthday cake... ...that first time you taste an icing covered confection... ...that first time you squish, smash, and cover every part of your face and hands......with the tasty, sugary, sticky goodness of birthday cake. The first birthday cake had to be the messiest...
...the brightest...
...the happiest..
...because that's what Harrison told me he wanted (well he would have if he had known how to articulate that). And so we did it, we made it, and it was Harrison approved... airplane topped, blue sky covered, 6 layered, icing slathered rainbow cake! And this guy... ...had a very... ...happy ending, to a happy birthday! So while you only get one first birthday cake, you get to enjoy the sugar overload over and over!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

March 28

Today is your first birthday! My little balloon eatin', "oh man" sayin', dirt throwin', world explorin', fast growin' little man's first birthday ever! While we are more excited than you for today because you have no clue about birthdays yet...
And while you won't remember the party, the balloons, the cheers, the claps...
...or going out for breakfast, or eating a Happy Meal, or opening presents, or birthday picnics...
...There are a few things I want you to remember. That you are loved, celebrated, belong to God, and blessed by many.
Continue to grow in wisdom, stature, and favor with God and men. So to my boy who never fails to make me laugh...

Saturday, March 27, 2010


...days...since I first saw this face, smelled his skin, kissed his cheek, and whispered my love in his ear. 364 days of being called your mommy, of being given the blessing of stewardship of your life. 364 days of prayers over you, of cherishing and learning how to be a parent... 364 changes, moments, sunrises, and sunsets that I ponder in my heart, giving you daily to our Heavenly Father.
364 times words fail to capture my joy, thanks, and love for you, my son.
364 ways we love you!

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Twelfth Month

I'm still speechless thinking back over this twelfth month with you... did it go by so fast? I have a hunch it's because of how busy you are!Once the warm days started last month you were out the door and did want to come inside for anything!
Well, maybe an occasional meal would entice you indoors, but then it was right back out! I love your curiosity and simple pleasure over the wind in the trees, chasing your shadow, and collecting rocks.
Now that you have your "wheels" we are cruising all around the neighborhood and you have quite the fan base of neighbors who we say hi to as we walk around. You are one very outgoing guy!
You also are becoming more opinionated about where you want to go. You know exactly which direction you want to walk, where you want to explore, and what you have your sights set on.
Your independence is growing more everyday and I admire your "do it myself" attitude. I pray that grows into a never give up attitude to accomplish what God has in store for your life.
Your overall personality just bloomed into a cheerful, friendly, and extroverted little guy! This past month you started learning how to share with other kids-not your favorite lesson, but you'll get it. You also started trying to make us laugh on purpose-you are a trip!
This twelfth month wraps up the first year we have been blessed to have you in our lives. The change in you from day one until now is indescribable. I am in awe over you and the young man you are becoming.
We can't wait to see what the years ahead bring!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Left Foot, Left Foot, Left Foot, Right

This is a growing, moving, exploring boy!Now that he is an official full-time walker we have had to outfit his feet.He got his first pair of big boy shoes and believe me, he thinks he is something in them! He has learned to say, "shoe" and will ask for them if he is not wearing them for some reason. These cool shoes are, get ready for this, size five! The lady measuring his feet could not believe it, but they fit him great.
I think I see lots of shoe buying in my future due to my quickly growing little guy. But I don't mind. His little feet are precious and who knows where God might lead them...
...As the old man blessed Harrison's steps , I pray his footsteps will always be guided in love, truth, and perseverance in Christ.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Eleventh Month

Oh Bubby! Boy how you changed that month! You started walking! Your new vantage point gave you a whole new world of accessibility to things once beyond your reach-like Daddy's leather dress shoes.
You experienced your first Super Bowl! As much as your Daddy tried to get you into the football, the rushing players, the whistles, and cheers over touchdowns, your favorite part of the night was spinach dip!
The kitchen was still a favorite as you created a drum set from a colander and a cake pan!
But your all time favorite thing to do was to read books! You would carefully select the book you wanted and find a lap to sit in and listen quietly to the entire book! You still do and we read about five books at a time!
Your airplane blanket is a constant companion. You love to wrap yourself in it and suck your thumb when you are tired.
You and I love going outside every sunny day for a nice long walk! You love pointing at trees and picking up rocks and sticks that we find along the way.
Your humor just took off! You love to make people laugh! You have created your own games with us and soon become so tickled with yourself you are rolling on the floor giggling!
You have made these months so full of love and laughter! It is a blessing to see you growing into quite a special boy!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Tenth Month

Oh what fun the tenth month had in store! For Harrison was growing fast and getting into more and more! At this point he became well known for crawling into the shower with us and getting soaked, laughing the whole time! He also became quite the little helper! He would help me eat, sort and put away the groceries...
...and he was a big helper in the kitchen tasting my cooking and letting me know if I needed to add anything. At ten months he started exhibiting his pouty side, but my what a cute pouter he was! But for the most part our guy was handsome, happy, and very obedient!
Bath time remained and remains an all time favorite! Between your rubber ducky and the splashing I don't know what makes you giggle more!You continued to be my little errand buddy. You are a guy and I know shopping isn't your favorite, but you sure do make it more entertaining as I get us groceries. I really appreciate how easy you make the necessary trips to the store! At ten months you also became very big on sharing food. It seemed the slimier it was the more you felt it was necessary to share! What a selfless little guy! Yep, my big ten month old you were and you were growing fast! Every day was a complete joy!