The First Month

In honor of Harrison's birthday month and me being a nostalgic mommy, I'm bringing back memories of each month of Harrison's first year.

First night home, just over 24 hours old and already holding his head up-we knew then we had an independent one on our hands! Already trying to be just like Dad. At two weeks old getting your footprints on the wall of the birthing center where you were born... ...slept through the whole thing!
Two week did not sleep through the whole thing! In light of being born during March Madness, Daddy insists you wanted to learn to play basketball during your first few weeks of life! Oh, and along with basketball, you were born a Redskins fan according to your Daddy.
...and a baseball fan...Harrison, sports are in your blood! My sweet baby boy, looking at these pictures of your first month bring back so many memories...your sweet little grunting noises, the midnight feedings, getting peed on 25 times a day, your coos, and having you swaddled in my arms. You have grown and changed into a handsome little boy...what changes the months have brought! Stay tuned for the Second Month...


  1. How these shots. The footprints are so cute!

  2. I like how in the footprint pic Matt's hand is larger than Harrison's head! :-) He was such a little guy.


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