Thursday, January 27, 2011

15 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights
How Far Along: 15 Weeks
Size of baby: The size of a large apple or four inches
Weight Gain/Loss: 1lb the last time I went to the doctor. I go again next week and I have a feeling that number may have grown!
Maternity Clothes: Still just using my Bella Band.
Gender: Don't know yet, but next month we we get to find out. Be praying I find a new doctor in Nashville quickly so we can schedule that ultrasound and continue maternal care.
Movement: Yes! More and more. Still little bumps and taps, usually at Harrison when he is on my lap or while I am falling asleep at night.
Sleep: Off and on it's been ok. Harrison is getting better so sleep hours are extending slowly!
What I Miss: This week we drove ten hours to Tennessee and back so I definitely missed not having to use the restroom every 30 minutes-made the trip a little longer with all the needed breaks! Haha!
Cravings: Animal crackers; so nutritious, I know.
Symptoms: Feeling baby move and my pants get a little tighter. Other than that, I feel great!
Best Moment of The Week: Seeing the home where we will move and this baby will be born.

Big brother holding an apple, the diameter is about the size of the baby, four inches!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Westward Bound

God answers prayers! Matt has been blessed with a new job! We praise God for His provision and perfect timing.

On February 12 we will be headed west to Nashville, Tennessee to start on this new adventure God has for us. To say we aren't going without any nervousness or questions would be misleading, but we know God has His hand on this move and we feel a perfect peace.

Matt and I just spent this past weekend in Nashville exploring the area and looking for housing for our family. God answered lead us to an amazing townhome that has more than we could imagine. Harrison gave us his wishlist before we left. He wanted grass, doors, windows, and a slide! Haha, I love our guy! His new home has all those things and more. We are very excited to see how God would have us use this home for His glory and how we can minister to those around us. Thank you all for your prayers and encouragment as we set out on this new adventure!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

14 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights
How Far Along: 14 Weeks
Size of Baby: 3 1/2 inches
Weight Gain/Loss: 1lb
Maternity Clothes: I put on maternity clothes for the first time today. I don't really not fit my regular clothes yet so I won't switch out my wardrobe just now, but the maternity clothes are definitely more comfy!
Gender: Don't know yet-can't wait to find out
Movement: Yes! I love it! I had coffee ice cream the other night and this baby was bogeying! The baby also likes to kick at Harrison if he is sitting on my lap leaning against me.
Sleep: Still not the best but again, that's because big brother is still not quite back into a good sleeping pattern after all his sick days
What I Miss: This week I have really wanted to chow down a foot long turkey sub!
Cravings: Weird random things at random times. I had to have tuna salad at one point this week-nothing else would do.
Symptoms: Still get worn out easily and naps are always a wonderful thing!
Best Moment of The Week: Harrison was saying his bedtime prayers and thanked God for the "Baby in Mommy's bewwy, and baby come out soon!"
Big brother holding a Wii nun chuck which is about the length of the baby this week.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mouth Medicine

Harrison has had quite a rough month when it comes to all things doctor related. After countless visits to the pediatrician, four antibiotics, three antibiotic shots, x-rays, tests, and poking and prodding, Harrison has just had an unresolved ear infection. So later today we are off to the ENT in hopes to fix these yucky ears once and for all. In the meantime all that backed up ear fluid has caused an array of other issues. One of which has been wheezing; but that's ok because Harrison loves his medicine for it! He calls his nebulizer and mask his mouth medicine and let's just say he thinks he is something sitting there getting his treatment. I'm really proud of our guy and how brave he has been through all this!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

13 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights
How Far Along: 13 Weeks- second trimester!
Size of Baby: 3 inches-about the size of a Jell-O box
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 1 lb
Maternity Clothes: The maternity jeans have been making more frequent appearances these days. My regular jeans just start feeling really uncomfortable towards the end of the day. I think my Bella Band may be a permanent part of the wardrobe very soon! As you can see in the picture, there's a little baby bump pulling at the front of my dress.
Gender: Don't know yet. Every single person has a different opinion. I don't really have a feeling one way or another.
Movement: Yes! It's not all the time or every day, but on nights I have eaten something like ice cream and am lying the bed trying to fall asleep I feel those amazing little butterflies and taps! Such a great feeling!
Sleep: Due to Harrison's not feeling well sleep hasn't been great for anyone within ear shot. But we are praying Harrison is on the mend and good sleep will come with it.
What I Miss: This week I got a migraine and really just wanted a caffeinated Diet Coke.
Cravings: Quaker instant oatmeal, the strawberry or peach flavored; weird I know.
Symptoms: This week I have been waking up during the middle of the night famished! I eat a normal dinner like usual, but then wake up absolutely starving-like can't go back to sleep without going downstairs to eat something kind of starving.
Best Moment of the Week: Feeling the baby fluttering around!

Big brother Harrison holding a box of Jello-O, while I was trying to convince him it wasn't yet edible, but then again, cardboard has never stopped him.

Also, just to keep everyone up-to-date because I know you all love knowing every boring detail of our lives, but our computer crashed two weeks ago. It had all of our pictures, all my favorite blogs I read and follow, etc. on it. So blogging is now done when I can find a time to get to the one computer in the house that nine people share. I also can't remember a lot of the blog addresses I used to follow so I am way behind in catching up reading on some of your blogs. Hopefully the computer will be fixed and returned very soon so I can get back to regular blogging!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's Not A Toy

Harrison got a toy drill set for Christmas, but to this guy, there is no telling him it is a toy. The other night the men needed to do some repair work on the couch with the real Dewalt drills, but Harrison knew just what to do with his "real" one too. Jumping right in between the men he had his drill out and went to work on the weak areas even changing his bits every now and then, standing back eyeing his work, and moving on to other areas.
He felt quite accomplished and he was praised greatly for his help with his drill.

Friday, January 7, 2011

12 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights
How Far Along: 12 weeks-last week of first trimester
Size of Baby: About 2 and half inches-the size of the average matchbox car
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 1 lb gained-already, yikes
Maternity Clothes: Not yet, occasional use of the bella band though
Gender: Don't know yet. The nurse said with the baby's heartbeat being 160 it was a girl, but then we remembered Harrison's heartbeat was always 160-170 range. I guess we will find out in another 8 weeks!
Movement: Not yet, but I'm looking forward to it! I felt Harrison at 14 weeks or so.
Sleep: With Harrison being sick, sleep hasn't been great for any of us.
What I Miss: Not that I really miss it because it's exciting knowing I'll soon be showing more, but I have been farewell to my waistline. I'm also kinda missing some good Brie cheese and crackers.
Cravings: Mexican, always ( I guess this is why my sister has dubbed this baby Poco), and meat-hamburgers, london broil, ground beef, etc.
Symptoms: Nausea is finally leaving!!! I still feel tired, but without nausea I feel amazing!
Best Moment of the Week: Hearing our baby's heartbeat!

Due to Harrison's double ear infection and pink eye in both eyes, this week's post is a little late in getting up here. So for this week's big brother picture he is miserably laying beside a matchbox car, the size of baby this week.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

One Of The Guys

He may only weigh 28 pounds and would prefer to live off goldfish crackers and ice tea, but this little boy is a man in the making. Matt and I knew having a son placed a responsibility on us to raise a man, a future leader, a future provider, and protector. His God-given man drive to conquer, problem solve, and achieve has been a blessing to watch. He jumps right in there with the men to figure out what is going on and how to help. His age and size has not stood in his way as we wants to figure out how to make things happen or come along side the men to conquer goals. We don't use phrases like, "You're too small," or, "You can't help until your bigger."
With his ingrain passion to be a hard working man, why quell that? When he wants to be a part of the man chores Matt will assign him a task maybe slightly larger than his 28lb self and watch his little man figure out how to achieve it.
The logs may have been "heaby" (heavy), the wheel barrow may have been "up dare" (too high), but the look on his face after conquering his task was priceless. And the character he is building as a man in training will only grow and develop as God works in his heart.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

With A Grateful Heart

When I think back over this past year I can't help but do so with a grateful heart. We have been blessed with so much and we feel overflowing with the many blessings, lessons learned, and steps guided by our Father. January 2010 started out on a fast foot, literally, as Harrison started walking. One day he was taking wobbly steps and the next day he was training for a marathon! Life took on a whole new kind of fun as we now had an official toddler! February 2010 was another fast month filled with weird weather. One week it was snowing, the next week would be mild and nice to be outdoors. The latter was Harrison's preferred day of play and we spent as much time outdoors getting dirty and exploring as possible! March 2010 brought along this little man's one year birthday!!! We had a blast celebrating with rainbow cake, an airplane themed party, and tons of fun watching him open presents. April 2010 brought unseasonably warm temperatures and we were able to get outdoors and play in the hose, use our pool, and enjoy the sun. We also got news this month that our landlord would be looking for a tenant willing to sign another 2 year lease. We were not in a position to sign for two more years and knew we needed to be looking out for where God would be taking us since Matt's job would not be lasting another two years. May 2010 continued the warm weather. We went strawberry picking and took Harrison on a ferry ride. Harrison and I also spent a wonderful mini vacation with some friends at the beach. Matt and I took Harrison away for a little get-away at the beach as well and we spent some much needed time away and just seeking God's will. June 2010 bought out more sprinklers and kiddie pools! Harrison was more and more on the move as there proved nothing to stop this guy! His curiosity led to ink pen body art, dryer spelunking, and whole chunks of cheese missing out of the block in the fridge. We also started making plans to move from Williamsburg and God opened the doors to move us into my parents home as we continued to seek God's will for Matt's next job. July 2010 brought all kinds of fun! Harrison fell in love with fireworks on the 4th much to my surprise! We also spent a week with Matt's family in the Outer Banks! Harrison could not get enough of the beach and even now he still asks to go back. At the end of the month we loaded all our things into a storage unit, said good-bye to Williamsburg and wonderful friends, and headed to my parent's home. August 2010 was an adjustment month as we figured out our new shared living arrangement and everyone got into a new routine. We took wonderful day trips as a family. One of which was to our Nation's capitol where we had a wonderful time exploring and just spending time all together. September 2010 we remember 9/11 by taking cookies to our local first responders. Harrison was wide-eyed with amazement at the "woo-woos" (firetrucks). The firemen let him climb all over and through the trucks. We also took Harrison to the State Fair! He walked around in awe at all the lights and sounds, had his share of fair food, and explored the John Deere tractors they had set up. What more could a boy want? October 2010 brought all kinds of growing pains. We experienced a heartbreaking loss, more job frustrations, and had plenty of unanswered questions. It was a time of growing and pulling together as family. But during this time we also enjoyed many wonderful trips to the mountains-apple picking and the weekend church retreat. We had a great time at fall festivals and God started planting some seeds in our hearts for the future. Novemeber 2010 brought a wonderful surprise! After a very hard previous month, we started off this month with quite a different outlook. On the 5th we saw two pink lines on a little test telling us God had blessed us with another little baby. The month brought along morning, sickness, fatigue and the miracle of thriving life. We celebrated Thanksgiving with a new outlook as we truly were thankful for all God has provided us with our son Harrison, our new baby, a place to live, and continued guidance for Matt's next job.
December 2010 has been a whirlwind! Harrison was a blast this Christmas season as we explored "Kissmas yites", baked ate cookies, and experienced a wondrous Christmas as he really got into the surprise of unwrapping presents. We loved teaching him and his re-telling us of baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph, and the angels. This month brought along more answers to Matt's job hunt, more healthy growing of our new baby, and plenty of wonderful memories.
2011 is not even 24 hours old and we are already learning some of what this year may have in store. God is good, all the time- through the pain, the laughter, the hurt, the questions, the happiness, the unknown, the good, the bad - He is good all the time! We praise you Father for this year and every day you blessed us with. We give you this year and all our steps. We long to be used for your glory and your will. Thank you God.
Happy New Year!