Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Seven Years Quiz

You ready for this Harrison? 
Uh, I think so. 
Ok, what's your favorite color?: Gold, blue, and grey
What's your favorite thing to play?: Star Wars Wii and Legos
What's your favorite movie?: Oh Mom, that question is just too complicated. I can't even talk about it.
What's your favorite thing to eat for lunch?: Those lunchables you sometimes get us for special treats when we go on picnics. 
What's your favorite thing to wear?: French cuffs, with cufflinks 
What's your favorite game?: football
What's your favorite song?: Toby Mac, the rapping one on DC Talk, but really all Toby Mac stuff.
What's you favorite book?: Comic books
What's your favorite thing to do outside?: My bow and arrow, ride bikes, stuff like that
Who's your best friend?: Jeff and Wils, and my whole family!
What's your favorite holiday?: Christmas, Jesus' birthday!
What's your favorite thing to sleep with?: Uh, my bed? Oh and I guess my airplane.
What's your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?: Hole-in-ones with extra toast! And breakfast sandwiches! Can I have one? 
What? You just had lunch! Next question, what do you want to be when you grow up?: In the army, yeah, the army.  Mom? When God comes back can I help him defeat Satan and defeat evil forever? I know how to use a sword!
I'm not sure what's ahead but I know you already are a valiant warrior as you fight evil everyday when you pray and make choices that please God and not the enemy! 
Yeah, I do like fighting with my sword! (Bible verses)
Ok, ready for the next one? What's your favorite tv show? Uh, Wild Kratz
What's your favorite fruit? Kiwi
What's your favorite animal?: jaguar! 
Really? Like the car? 
What's your favorite thing to drink?: Things like coke, uh that root beer too!
What's your favorite special treat?: Ring pops
What's your favorite Bible verse?: Leviticus 26:6
Harrison, you first made me a mommy. Every second since then has been non stop learning, loving, chaos, and joy! We're both growing together as we chase after the Father whose drawing us towards Him. I learn more everyday how to be the Mom God needs me to be for you and I see you fighting off weaknesses to become the man God is molding you into. 
You are bold and mischievous. You are brave and adventurous. You are black and white and hard on yourself. You are opinionated, argumentative, and your vocabulary rivals a thesaurus! You are a gentlemen and a protector. Your smile and hand-picked flowers melt me. You wrap your arms around my shoulder and hold me every now and then and it's times like that I see glimpses of the man you are becoming. We are so very proud of you! Stay strong Harrison! We love you! Happy Seventh Birthday! 

Friday, March 25, 2016

In The Picture

I'm discovering a new trend to my pictures.
In the majority of them, only 50% of my kids are captured. 
Usually it's the younger two who are either contained or still like to stick close to momma (read, wrap body limbs around my legs while I try to walk.)
These two younger kiddos are my buddies, making sure I never have to eat, read, fold laundry, or shower alone. 
But that's ok. I know all too soon they're going to be running yards ahead with their big brothers, climbing trees, making new friends on the playground, and not hardly looking back for me. 
So while I can take sunshine filled pictures of my relatively still offspring subjects, I'm totally taking advantage of it. 
Besides, I have some pretty great kids, and even though there may be some, "Aw Mom" when I ask, they all come running for the occasionally group shot. 
One day they're going to like these, or maybe they'll just like making fun of me when I blubber like a baby looking back on how small they were :) 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Almost Seven Year Olds Are The Best

While walking through the mall I made a comment to Matt that I suddenly felt very self conscious. Looking around at the hundreds of people packing the mall on a busy weekend afternoon I realized I was the only one as far as the eye could see with light colored hair. Realizing I stuck out like a sore thumb made me feel very awkward.
Before Matt could answer, Harrison grabbed my hand and spoke with undying conviction, "Mommy, your hair is beautiful! God made you just the way you are picking out the perfect hair just for you! Right now everyone looks the same in here, but you were made to stand out like a flower!"
*Officially melted*

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Into the Wild...of the Suburbs

 We have access to wild thick woods right behind our house.
 Even though we are in the suburbs of DC we frequently witness fox, deer, owls, and snakes right outside our windows. 
 As if that wasn't cool enough for a house full of boys, a perfect stream runs right down the middle of the woods. 
 During the winter it's too cold to get in, but during the summer it's overrun with thorns and poison ivy. This leaves a few prize days to slip into rain boots and hike out for adventures. 
 The boys bring satchels, swords, bow and arrows, and toy pistols because you never know when you might come across something to hunt for dinner. 
 I let the boys take turns leading the way across stream beds, over boulders and stepping stones, under fallen trees, and around obstacles. 
 It's not about getting far, it's about making the adventure rich, so we move slow allowing plenty of time for frog catching, rock collecting, animal tracking, and crawdad chasing. 
 Boots fill with mud, faces smudge with evidence of curiosity, and I play a guessing game with wondering what Wils may have tried to taste test.
 This is the first year Wils is big enough to keep up with his big brothers step for step. He prefers to just walk down the middle of the stream the entire way. 
 Jefferson is my ever ready protector keeping a watchful eye out for unseen dangers and making sure his Momma and sister are taken care of. He managed to do it all with a gigantic cane pole he found and lugged all the way back home. 
 Harrison, my valiant warrior, hiked the whole way, tracking animal prints, bow ready for a quick strike since he was determined to bring home dinner. 
 He narrowly missed a squirrel and I narrowly missed having to youtube a video on how to skin, clean, and cook it! 
Mae Baby rode happily in the backpack carrier content with her ariel view of the muddy chaos below.  We made it back with several pounds of rocks, bamboo canes, boots full of dirty water, and thank goodness, nothing for us to skin for dinner ;) 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

George Washington's Birthday Party

We got invited to General Washington's party. 
By "invited" I mean, I saw on Mt. Vernon's FaceBook page that there was free admission on George Washington's birthday. 
The boys have long been huge Washington fans; I'm not sure they have a bigger hero. 
So the idea of combining heroes and birthday parties appealed greatly to my crew and they were giddy to celebrate at Mt. Vernon. 
And the celebration did not disappoint. 
There were swords and music, scavenger hunts, coins, and birthday cake. 
The sweeping waterfront had the boys in awe.
They would have stayed on that hill all day if the promise of prizes for completed scavenger hunts hadn't been so alluring. 
All four kids were incredible on the tour throughout the estate; no one touched anything or broke any historic artifacts, except for Wils who decided to launch a paper airplane into Lafayette's bedroom.  
I was super proud that my older two were some of the first in our tour group to speak up and answer questions about General Washington. 
Once we walked over every bit of Mt. Vernon and the boys were begging to live there like George Washington had, we headed back to cash in their completed scavenger hunts for a coin prize. 
Tired little guys claimed their Mt. Vernon coins and scarfed down icing laden pieces of birthday cake. We all had a great day celebrating their hero and they all agreed they couldn't wait until next year for Washington's next birthday party. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Ten Months Madison

Baby Girl, ten months ago you stayed swaddled, still in my arms, sleeping, while I listened to your tiny breaths against my cheek.
Now staying still is something akin to impossible. 
So you can just go with your wildest imagination as to how this photo shoot went. But then again, you are never one to pass up a moment in front of a camera. 
You have quite the split personality these days. At home with your crazy family you are loud, curious, talkative, opinionated, silly, and laughing. 
But when we have friends over or go visiting new places you turn into Miss Shy and Reserved. You stare down people, hide your face in my hair, and do anything you can from making eye contact. You warm up eventually but you take your sweet time. 
And because your tiny little self is so cute about being shy most people don't mind the amusement of watching you get over the timidness. 
You are now power crawling at the speed of sound, climbing on everything (stairs, into toy boxes, ontop of boxes, onto beds, etc.), pulling up to stand, and beginning to cruise along the edge of the couches and coffee table. 
You say 'Dada, Mama, Baba, Papa, more, and all done." You can sign a lot more than that and we're all now communicating back and forth a lot better which makes you a lot happier when you can successfully get seconds instead of being taken down from your highchair. 
You're in size three diapers, nurse 3-4 times a day, take two naps a day, and sleep 12-13 hours at are awesome! You are in six 6-9 month clothes, but if I roll up sleeves and pant legs I can get you in some 12 month things! 
 You smile and beam at your big brothers and they can't get enough of your precious self. Wils runs in to wake you up each morning with a kiss, Jeff holds your hand and strokes your hair, and Harrison sings and sings to you. 
You are just incredibly sweet and laid back. You ride contentedly in the back pack carrier while we hike down creek beds, you catch cat naps on our shoulders while we run errands, you eat on the go, and you never complain. You smile and give kisses and you have each us wrapped around that pretty little finger. We love you baby girl!