March 28

Today is your first birthday! My little balloon eatin', "oh man" sayin', dirt throwin', world explorin', fast growin' little man's first birthday ever! While we are more excited than you for today because you have no clue about birthdays yet...
And while you won't remember the party, the balloons, the cheers, the claps...
...or going out for breakfast, or eating a Happy Meal, or opening presents, or birthday picnics...
...There are a few things I want you to remember. That you are loved, celebrated, belong to God, and blessed by many.
Continue to grow in wisdom, stature, and favor with God and men. So to my boy who never fails to make me laugh...


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARRISON! Thank you for sharing your birthday cake... it was the best we have ever had!

  2. Where has this year gone? We are so blessed to be your grandparents! We are thankful for you! We love you! Mi-mi & Poppa

  3. looks like a great time!! that 1st year goes so fast. thanks for adding urself to my blog list! :)


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