Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Take It While I Can

Harrison is the king of facial expressions. He threw his Daddy an extra over the top smoldering grin last night.

Upon seeing that beyond-words-adorable face, I told him he would get all the girls one day. His Daddy asked him, " Do you like girls Harrison?"

Harrison quickly shook his head no and answered, "No, I like my momma!" *melts*

Monday, August 29, 2011

Far About Rubies Cubic Zirconia

There are some days when I feel like I've got it all together. I've got the boys fed, cleaned, and calm. Matt was out the door on time, the house cleaned, a warm meal ready for my hungry men and I did it all with my hair fixed, makeup on, and a smile on my face.

These are my Proverbs 31 days, but I've got to keep it honest. These days don't seem to happen as often as I would like. Most days the only verse from Proverbs 31 I can relate to is "An excellent wife, who can find?" Yep, that's right, keep looking because she ain't here.

"She brings food from afar," I guess I can relate to if Kroger is considered afar. "Rising while it is still dark"? Well does nursing an infant during the middle of the night count? I probably shouldn't be considering any fields since my container garden is currently a heap of dead and tangled vines. I do not possess a green thumb in my DNA.

There are moments when Harrison looks at me and wonders what grouch has invaded his mother's body. There are times when I have weird ideas like the cobwebs in the corner could serve as all-natural, organic party decorations. There are nights when I justify a bowl of cereal as a completely nutritious dinner.

But something I've's the days I feel furthest from the Proverbs 31 woman that I remember the most. The days that Harrison finds the highlighters while I'm vacuuming, or Jefferson spits-up all over the bedspread while I'm folding clothes. It's the days I'm running 30 minutes behind with my hair in a mess, and my mind going 300mph that Matt comes home and smiles.

See, to him, I am his perfect woman. I don't have to know how to look for flax or plant a vineyard. He loves me just the way I am. He doesn't mind the way I look after I run a few miles, or if my shirt smells like spit-up. He doesn't mind if his white shirt got thrown in with a red shirt and he now owns a brand new pink shirt. He put a ring on my hand and calls me his, even with all my flaws and anti-Proverbs 31 moments.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Brought To You By The Letter "B"

Last week in school we spent a lot of time reviewing the letter "A" since, according to Harrison, it still says things like crocodile. Once we remembered what "A" really does say, we introduced the letter "B". I am thinking Harrison has a favorite letter, if there is such a thing as having a favorite letter. For the letter "B" starts off most sports words and as we all know, Harrison loves his sports! Basketball, baseball, base, bat, Braves! We made banana bread and sent it to work with Matt to be a blessing to others.
Harrison thought he was something else helping to stir the batter!

He also loves the fact that his nickname, Bubby, begins with the letter "B". A little confusing though because when you ask him what "B" says he says, "Harrison!" instead of his nickname.
Thanks to our wonderful friends, Harrison had a new bubble wand to play with!
The idea of gently blowing bubbles was lost on this hyper guy and before I knew it he was spitting, shooting, and burping bubbles; at least burping starts with the letter "B".
For snack we made blue Jell-O and Harrison had a long morning of waiting for the stuff to set.
Harrison did great and once again enjoyed reporting to his Daddy all the letter "B" says..."Harrison and Jefferson!" (aka brothers :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sweet Torture

There are some days that the 600 miles between here and home seem even further. Those days are the hardest and are frequently accompanied by tears and wishing. I have to be thankful though that we live in this century and moving out of state is not a permanent goodbye. We are blessed that my boys get to grow up knowing about texting, Facebook, and Skype. Skype has helped us celebrate birthdays, share stories of the day, and show off new skills of these fast growing boys. It lets Grandpa blow off Harrison's hot food, and gives Papa the chance to "play cars" with him. It lets Mimi and Grandma give kisses and aunts dish out the appropriate amounts of oooh's and ahhh's. It lets us into each other's homes even if only through a screen and somehow makes those hard days seem a little brighter. Skype is sweet torture, close enough to see but not touch. I hope one day we won't need to Skype to visit with grandparents or to celebrate special events, but in the meantime it is a sweet blessing to have.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hide It In Your Heart

But Jesus said, "Let the little children alone......and do not hinder them from coming to me... ...For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these.
Matthew 19:14

Monday, August 22, 2011

In Secret

My two year old has taught me a valuable lesson. The biggest messes aren't the ones preceded with banging or chaos. No sirree, the biggest messes are the ones done in secret...quietly carried out by the guilty party. These messes are often contemplated, poorly executed, and are usually done with looking over one's shoulder for an authority figure.
Once caught the guilty party usually can't make excuses, hide, or pass the blame, they are caught red handed and the mess is typically quite large.
Amazing how quickly someone can create a mess so large, just a matter of seconds, but it made me think...
We create pretty big messes ourselves when we try to do things our own way instead of God's way. Our messes happen fast and are usually quite large. They may not involve cooking tongs and your Daddy's prized palm tree, but they will clean up a lot easier the sooner you confess and follow the plan God has.

Now I better go check on my very quiet two year old! :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

County Fair

One of our favorite pastimes is attending the Virginia State Fair every year. We started going the year Matt and I were engaged and have been every year since.
It was sad to realize we couldn't attend this year, well due to the fact we were nowhere near the state of Virginia, much less it's fair.
Matt saw that there was a nearby county fair here, so we excitedly loaded up the boys and spent the evening with wonderful friends under the lights of the midway.
We had a blast tasting kettle corn and bloomin' onions, petting sheep, counting piglets, watching country music concerts, and laughing the night away.
Despite it not being in Virginia, the fair was wonderful, complete with rides, fun foods, rodeos, and fellowship with friends.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Perfect Peace

You will keep in perfect peace......those whose minds are steadfast... ...because they trust in You. Isaiah 26:3

Monday, August 15, 2011

"A" is for...Crocodile?

In an attempt to gain some organization for our days and to satisfy Harrison's intense need for structure, we have officially started "school".He had observed his aunts doing their homeschool when we lived with them and has asked ever since if he could do school. The boy loves it!
He is only 2 so we are not doing anything intense or curriculum based. We just set aside a set time every morning for just Harrison and me to do "school" together. This past week was the letter "A" week. We started off learning it's short sound and later it's long sound, what "Big A" looks like and what "Little A" looks like and how to write the letter "A".
We sang a song about what the letter "A" says while Harrison banged along on pots with wooden spoons. We started identifying words that begin with "A", like apple and ants.
What better way for a boy to learn than through food? We incorporated our school into snack time this week. We made "ants on a log cracker (didn't have celery)" which Harrison could not get enough of. Not sure how much learning was going on while he was squishing peanut butter gleefully between his fingers.
We cut, colored, taped, stapled, and glued to his heart's content. He loves to make "projects" so we made our "Letter A" poster. We pasted pictures that begin with the letter "A" all around it.
His first week of "school" went great! He loved reporting to his Daddy all he learned that day. I overheard him proudly telling Matt all the things that start with the letter "A". He said, "A is for apple, ant, and crocodile!" Hmm...guess we'll keep working on that! :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

What Do You See?

I spend countless hours scrubbing it out of my clothes, off my floors, and from under little boy's fingernails. It's a nuisance. He spends countless hours digging, creating, and playing in it. He couldn't be more content. How can we have such a conflicting view on the stuff...the dirt. I guess it's all a matter of view point. My continual battle with it to vacate my living space taints my view. His non-stop thrill from it's endless forms of entertainment form his view. It makes me stop and think.
God had a pretty creative view of dirt...He used it to create a man. Maybe if everyone were a little more open to what they see in a perceived undesirable object whether it's dirt, a person, a stressful situation, etc., who knows what could be created, enjoyed, and changed. So, what do you see?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Baby You'll Be

There is a book called, "I'll Love You Forever" about a mommy who goes in to rock and sing to her son every night of his life on into his adulthood. The book ends with the son rocking and singing to his mommy when she is very old and ill then taking that love she poured in him and starting the new tradition of rocking and singing to his newborn daughter. As a mommy I've finally connected with this book. I thought it silly when I was younger, but now I see the love behind it. No, I won't rock and sing to my boys every night even when they are grown men, but I will cherish each and every moment with these little men.
Sometimes the noise gets loud, sometimes the questions don't end, sometimes the crying becomes overwhelming. The messes get bigger, the laundry grows higher, but the time ticks faster. This moment of rocking my baby at 3am won't exist in a few short months. The boys will get more independent and need me less and less.
I don't want to miss the ramblings of my 2 year old and his chatter about anything and questions about everything. I don't want to waste away the midnight opportunity to cuddle and rock my 6 week old or grow weary of his precious cry.
These two little human beings are some of my greatest blessings. No matter how big they get, where they go, what they do, they will always be my boys. "I'll love them forever, I'll love them for always. As long as I'm living my babies they'll be."