The Eleventh Month

Oh Bubby! Boy how you changed that month! You started walking! Your new vantage point gave you a whole new world of accessibility to things once beyond your reach-like Daddy's leather dress shoes.
You experienced your first Super Bowl! As much as your Daddy tried to get you into the football, the rushing players, the whistles, and cheers over touchdowns, your favorite part of the night was spinach dip!
The kitchen was still a favorite as you created a drum set from a colander and a cake pan!
But your all time favorite thing to do was to read books! You would carefully select the book you wanted and find a lap to sit in and listen quietly to the entire book! You still do and we read about five books at a time!
Your airplane blanket is a constant companion. You love to wrap yourself in it and suck your thumb when you are tired.
You and I love going outside every sunny day for a nice long walk! You love pointing at trees and picking up rocks and sticks that we find along the way.
Your humor just took off! You love to make people laugh! You have created your own games with us and soon become so tickled with yourself you are rolling on the floor giggling!
You have made these months so full of love and laughter! It is a blessing to see you growing into quite a special boy!


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