Friday, April 15, 2016

A 3rd Birthday Interview With Wils

Ok Wils, Mommy is going to ask you some questions ok?
Uh, I wanna eat, Mommy.
Ok, it's cooking and you can eat after the questions.
Aw man!
What's your favorite color? Uh, I don't know. Green!
What's your favorite thing to play? I don't know. I play, I play, I play, uh...uh...uh...Legos!
What's your favorite movie? I watch a movie?! 
Not right now, what is your favorite movie?
I watch uh, I like uh....uh... rescue bots (transformers) and duhn-duhns(storm-troopers, aka, Star Wars).
What's your favorite thing to eat for lunch? yes, I eat!
Yes, in a minute, what's your favorite thing to eat for lunch?
Not again, ugh! Uh, cheese and crackers
Whats your favorite thing to wear? Cape and mask
What's your favorite thing to play? Uh, I play, uh, I play...tag!
What's your favorite song? I don't wanna sing. No singing.
You don't have to sing right now, but what is your favorite song?
Ugh, I don't know. I sing Happy Birthday. 
Yes, we did and we'll do that again, but what about in the car? What do you like to sing then?
I sing Switchfoot.
What's your favorite book? Busy Spider, yes Busy Spider!
What's your favorite thing to do outside? I don't know, I like, I run! I like-a run!
Who's your best friend? Uh, my friend is Jepp (Jefferson) and Bubby (Harrison).
What's your favorite holiday? Uh, I don't know. 
Harrison: His birthday!
Wils: Yeah, birthday!
What do you like to sleep with? Blue and lion
What's your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? Pop tarts!
What do you want to be when you grow up? A dinosaur!
What's your favorite thing to watch on tv? Race cars and Rescue bots!
What's your favorite fruit? Uh, fruit snacks! 
No, real fruit, like apples, strawberries, kiwi...
No, I like fruit snacks.
What's your favorite animal? Uh, I don't know. I DON'T KNOW!
Ok, shhh, you can like them all.
Ugh, ok
What's your favorite thing to drink? I want to eat!
I know, almost done, what's your favorite thing to drink?
Uh, I don't know...Poppa's tea (sweet tea).
What's your favorite special treat? Special treat?!?!
Not yet, what is your favorite special treat?
Yes! And chocolate, and Mommy!
What's your favorite Bible verse? 
Not a fear, of love, power, and sound mind! (1 Tim 1:7)
Wils, where do I even begin? I mean there just aren't words to capture your huge personality, your spunk, your sweetness, and well, just you! You can go from being the most mischievous, impish little thing on the plant to being the sweetest, cuddliest, apologetic baby in nanoseconds. You flash those deep blue eyes and kiss away any transgression and make it impossible for me to stay on task of reprimanding any necessary behaviors. 
You smile, wave, and talk to any and everybody, and I mean everybody! I can't get out of the grocery store without several new friends you've struck up a conversation with. You love singing and humming and head banging to the radio. Running and climbing are your preferred methods of travel; you love your sleep and nap time which I love, and you make everyone around you happy with the joy you exude in your Wilson-ness! We love you more than words and feel so honored to be chosen as your parents as you continue to grow in wisdom, stature, and favor with God and man! We are proud of the man you are becoming! Happy Birthday Wilson! 

Monday, April 11, 2016

Eleven Months Madison

In a very few short weeks we'll no longer count your age by months, but years.
A lot has happened in the past month! You finally outgrew your 6-9 month clothes!
This meant pulling out a whole new wardrobe of pink and lace and dresses and sandals in a new size and season! I'm probably more excited than you are right now, but I give you 12-16 years to join in my excitement over new clothes ;) 
You are in size three diapers, take two naps a day, nurse twice a day, and eat anytime someone offers you food, and when you find something that looks like food even if it isn't. 
You sleep 12-14 hours every night. Bless you my child! 
You have maintained your "go with the flow" personality and put up beautifully with your crazy family. You've been on riverside hikes, explored national monuments, and celebrated two of your brothers' birthdays this past month! 
You're starting to explore the world of walking and your stair climbing skills are improving faster than I'd prefer. You are a quiet mischief maker, silently emptying drawers and cabinets leaving a wake of scattered contents and giggling over being caught. 
This month you've had your first chick-fil-a, bites of birthday cake, scraped knee, black eye (fell on the corner of a table), sperry shoes, pb&j (sunflower seed butter), and slide ride at the playground. 
This month you forever became known as Madison Elizabeth, our sweet baby whose name God whispered to our hearts. We can't imagine your soft dainty self as anyone else! 
We love you more than words Madison! We are so blessed to have had almost one full year with you, our princess! I cannot wait to know you more as you continue to grow in Christ! To the months and years ahead, happy eleven months Madison! 

Friday, April 8, 2016

I'd Like To Introduce Our Daughter...

Eleven months ago I became a mom to a precious baby girl. Four months before that we found out this pink joy would be entering our world. 
We spent months, literally, pouring over baby name books and meanings. Researching, questioning, making lists and then making some more. 
I wanted to know her name, we wanted to know her name, everyone wanted to know her name and it remained a secret, even to us, as we crossed each possibility off the list, one by one 
And then suddenly, she was here. This tiny little girl; perfect, our princess. And the name we settled on was written on the records within hours of her birth. 
Elizabeth Mae, it flowed like a song. We would call her LilyMae and so we made it official in the hospital room last May. 
But then I held her, and nursed her, and rocked her. I sang to her, counted those baby fingers and toes over and over, and gave countless kisses on her precious face. We learned who she was and I truly started to know who my daughter was. As the months went by I looked into her sweet little face and knew in my heart, she was not a LilyMae. 
How could I have gotten that wrong? I cannot begin to describe the emotions I fought with over this realization. I mean LilyMae is not a bad name, but I knew beyond all doubt, my daughter, this precious pretty baby, is not LilyMae. 
So with much prayer I talked to Matt only to learn that he too had been wondering. We both knew at once who our baby girl is without any discussion. Because we had spent the last 11 months getting to know her. Our hearts knew her real name and believe it or not, she does too because the grins she's been giving us when we call her banish any insecurity I had as a mother who chose the wrong name. 
And so yesterday, April 7, we went to the county courthouse and officially filed for her name change. The weight was gone the second I signed those papers and saw her new name printed. It's not without embarrassment or guilt or wondering if I needed to turn in my mom card, but the peace is unreal now.  And so eleven months later, with all thanks to God, who's always known her name and has unveiled our hearts to see as well, I'd like to introduce everyone to our beautiful baby girl, 
Madison Elizabeth Clark. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Winter's End

It seems cruely ironic that as I write this, the current forecast is calling for snow this coming weekend. 
But in my heart it's spring. The flowers have bloomed, the trees boast a green haze, there are shorts in our dressers, and all four kids have scrapes on their knees from playing outdoors. 
I still may find myself mourning the predicted frozen white stuff in a few days, but at least I have these...
These sunshine and blossom filled pictures of an 80 something degree day a few weeks ago on the banks of the Potomac. 
I loaded up my favorite four along with my camera and some goldfish crackers since this crew suffers from becoming hungry at the most inopportune times.
Even though I had planned out my day I had failed to take into account that spring break was that week, and oh yeah, it was also the beginning of the cherry blossom festival. 
Anyone in DC can tell you this is the perfect storm and I drove us right into the eye. Two and half hours after entering DC proper we found a parking space, thanks to God alone! 
I love this time of year and I haven't missed the blossoms yet, but I will not miss the crowds it draws and the attitudes some of them bring. 
We found ourselves a quiet little corner under a canopy of the famed pink blossoms. Little Bit was transfixed with the beauty above her. 
The boys, as always, were disappointed they couldn't pick them to create bouquets for me, but were happy to run around in the showers of petals from the wind blowing through the trees. 
I love this tradition of the kids and taking a day to merge into the chaos of millions of DC tourists for a day under the beauty of the blossoms. 
It's an adventure, but when it comes to us, could you really imagine it as anything else? :)