Rocks and Berries

We had such a blast picking strawberries last year that we decided to go again this season. This time, Harrison is an all boy 2-year-old with his own idea of fun and adventures. The highlight of the day was the gravel parking lot. What you can't see is the four other boys all sitting in the rocks playing too with their own moms trying to convince them to come pick berries. After informing Harrison I needed his big strong muscles to carry the bucket for me, he figured he was man enough for the job and triumphantly paraded out to the fields displaying his strength. Of course, the promise of tasting sun sweetened berries also added to the allure of leaving the gravel parking lot paradise to actually pick the strawberries. But after picking one or two my adventurous little man was out to find a new conquest. He scoped out the land and explored for bugs, tractors, and any inventive way to cross as many rows as possible without getting caught. Of course, what man can resist showing off his muscle power? He had a blast hauling the five pound buckets back and forth between Matt and me.
Along with the gravel dust on his pants, the pockets full of rocks, and some grass stains, he did at least leave with some evidence that he had gone strawberry picking!
So, unlike last year, the picking thing really wasn't of interest to him. He could care less about the hunt for the perfect berry, the tasting as you pick, but the foods we have made with the strawberries? Now that is another story! This guy is a HUGE fan of homemade strawberry jam! He helped hull the strawberries and watched patiently as we mashed, mixed, and canned. He kept asking to taste. Unfortunately, jelly is not an instant gratification recipe. So after canning and sitting for 24 hours he got to partake... ...this is one happy guy! I'd say he thinks strawberry picking is worth it now that he knows what those little berries can become!


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