Man of the House

One of the best quotes about parenting I've ever heard was, "We are not raising children, we are raising adults." I want my children to enjoy being kids and being carefree, curious, and having a ton of fun learning and growing up. But I also don't want to forget the fact that this toy loving, sugar addicted, mischievous little ball of energy will be an adult one day. I call Harrison my little man. He takes this as a huge compliment and never fails me when I tell him how much I need his manly help. When Daddy leaves for work every morning he knows he his man of the house in his stead. I want to encourage his desire to be a man by instilling in him independence and skills necessary for general life. My little man will be a grown man one day, with bigger responsibilities, so I want to start him out on small things that are his domain to take charge over.
Harrison is my right hand man on cleaning days. This amazing kid knows his responsibilities and does them happily and with fierce determination to do his best. He knows plenty of praise and "manly" compliments will come his way with a job well completed! He loves to take over when I am vacuuming. Though he barely covers any ground as he struggles to maneuver it, he is proud of his efforts. I am too. He is giving his best and that is a blessing to see.
His tasks are simple and I've done my best to display an attitude of joy as we clean the house so he can see cleaning is not a drudgery, but a privilege to take care of the things God has blessed us with. We laugh and play games as we scrub and sweep always keeping it fun.
Harrison is responsible for sweeping up the little piles I have swept, refilling all the toilet paper holders, putting away the silverware, and emptying the dryer by taking the clothes to my bedroom. He does each with a manly flair making sure I am watching his accomplishments and I adequately praise each completed task. He also loves "cleaning" with his squirt bottle of water and a paper towel!
One day Harrison will be a student, an employee, a co-worker, a husband, a boss. All of these require a foundation of being able to complete a task, follow through, a job well done, and knowing what is required without being asked. I am proud that at 2 years old he knows exactly what his responsibilities are and completes them without me reminding him or asking him over and over. He is my biggest helper and the little man of the house!


  1. What a great post. You are an inspirational mother to Harrison. Thanks for sharing. (A kiss for Harrison from his old pal Audrey.)


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