The "Exclavator"

It's Harrison's favorite thing to do at the mall. He will beg to go to the mall, just to ride the "exclavator". Talk about cheap entertainment! He would go up and down for hours if we let him. He loves waiting for the yellow line at the top and bottom to know when to step off...
...and he loves rounding the corners to go for another ride.
I for one am completely fine with his free rides- much cheaper than amusement park admission, which I know my little thrill seeker will be wanting one day.
So for the time being, the "exclavator" is his favorite rainy day outing activity and his wonderful Daddy continues to patiently ride with him, over and over and over...


  1. Love it!! My kids would love to ride it all day, too...but it's more challenging with multiple kids so it's a special treat when daddy is with us and he can ride with them.



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