Becoming His Own

Matt and I have noticed over the past couple weeks Harrison's, "I can do it myself-ness" has really taken off. He wants to fix his own food, pick out his own clothes, bathe himself, carry heavy loads with no help, etc. For better or worse it has hit full force and this is no baby anymore as he fully launches into independence. (Yes, his fireman hat is on backwards; that's the way he likes it :)
He is very good at clearing the dinner table, scraping dirty dishes, and helping load and unload the dishwasher. He can get out and put back any toy he wants. He loves to water our plants with absolutely no assistance in operating the faucet or hose. He is so very good at doing things without being asked, but we are also working on the fact that there are some things he needs to ask about before doing. We've had major spills, frustrated meltdowns, and broken items over this independence, but with patience we work together until he is proficient in his desired task. I'm pretty proud of my " I can do it myself" guy especially since he does it a respectful way with a desire to learn. When there is a new task he wants to know how to do he asks, "Teach me mommy, please?" He is a great little guy and I'm pretty proud of the young man emerging.


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