Heart of Worship

Every Sunday after church Matt asks us what we learned that morning. He is such an amazing leader and I admire the way he shepherds us as his family towards our growing in Christ. He challenges us to listen and grasp a new truth in a way we haven't learned before every week. As it was Harrison's turn to talk about what he learned, he gave a response that needed no explanation. He said, "The music and I sang to Jesus!" If you could be around Harrison for just a few hours you would see this little man's true heart of worship. He loves to praise Jesus through music. I have learned so much from my two-year-old when it comes to "singing psalms and hymns, and spiritual songs. Making music in your heart to the Lord." Ephesians 5:19 He is unashamed as he dances and raises his hands to the Lord with praise. And not only in church service. At home when I turn on praise music he is the definition of joy as he skips and dances along, singing his heart out.
I love his passion, his desire to "pwaise Jesus with singin'!" I love how he doesn't care what anyone around him thinks. We as adults get so inhibited in our expression of praise to our Savior by what others around us are doing or not doing. I want to be more like my son in the way I come unashamedly before my Father.

So as for what I learned yesterday in church, I would have to say I didn't learn from the pulpit, the Sunday School teacher, or anyone with a theology degree. I learned from my son.


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