Lights, Camera, Beach!

What vacation would be complete without a few home videos? I have to give some explanation behind these though. The first two videos are of Harrison rinsing off in the showers after our first day on the beach.

After spending the first hour on the beach with his detesting the sand, not really liking the waves, and overall dislike of the beach, we thought we would have a fight to get him to rinse off in the cold showers. Not so! This guy march right in there, and ran around like he was at Water Country! He kept asking to do it again and again!

This one below is great! Not sure if he was working up the courage to dive into the water or what, but he is marching up and down the beach reciting Philippians 4:13. You can hear him saying, " All things" over and over, and at the end he quickly says, "fru Kist staykens me!" as he runs into the water. I turned off the camera to have both hands ready!


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