"Teef Cleanin"

Harrison had his first dentist appointment yesterday. One of us was a nervous wreck and it wasn't him! I was so nervous for him, but he sure did prove I had nothing to worry about. All the bright colors and wall of toys quickly pulled him right into his comfort zone and he was having a great time while I envisioned all the scraping and scaling of little teeth to come. They called his name and he walked right on back with the nurse and climbed up on the table. He looked so big and brave sitting there while she talked to him about brushing his teeth. Then she started pulling out the equipment and I braced myself for protests. Not that Harrison is a difficult kid at all, but having your mouth full of weird buzzing and scraping tools might create an undesirable situation.
(Sorry, I can't turn the picture for some reason.) This awesome kid opened his mouth with not one protest and happily watched the flat screen tv above his head while she cleaned his little teeth!
His favorite part of the entire visit was the "sucky". He kept asking to do it again and again.
He even laid completely still while they flossed his teeth! I don't even fully cooperate with myself when I floss my teeth. That is the most unatural thing in the world to me to run string between your teeth. Me and flossing are not friends, but Harrison had not one issue with it. Then the dentist came over and had to do some scaling on his bottom front teeth. Harrison again laid patiently back in the chair fully into his Disney show without a care in the world. At this point I would have been covered in goosebumps from the scraping and grabbing the arm rest! Needless to say, my big boy showed me up today! He made me so proud! I could learn a few things from this guy. He is my brave little man with a clean bill of health teeth.


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