31 Weeks

(Harrison wanted to get in on the "ba-wee", aka belly, shot.)

Pregnancy Highlights
How Far Along: 31 Weeks
Size of Baby: 16 inches head to toe and weighing 3 1/2-4lbs
Weight Gain/Loss: 12lbs now-will be growing every week from here on out since this little guy will be packing on some pounds. Can't wait to see those little chunky thighs!
Gender: Boy - Jefferson Lee
Movement: His movements are more like long, big stretches and rolling and less hard kicking. I think he is running out of room!
Maternity Clothes: Still a mix of tops, some regular jeans, regular dresses, and maternity shorts and capris
Cravings: For some reason I have really wanted Trix cereal this week...weird because I can't even remember the last time I had Trix!
Symptoms: I have very sore abdominals after running now. The growing baby belly is starting to feel a little heavy while running so I am using an Ace bandage as support.
Best Moment of The Week: We got Jefferson's crib! It was such a blessing from his Mimi and Papa. We were doubly blessed by finding his crib on HUGE sale too! With both boys it keeps my heart so full to see how God provides for their every need even before their arrival!

Big brother Harrison with a line of some of his favorite cars which measure out to 16 inches.

And just for fun, here is a side by side comparison of me pregnant with Harrison at 31 weeks on the left and now at 31 weeks with Jefferson on the right. I think I am pretty much the same size with both boys at this point, what do you think?


  1. Hmmm, I'm thinking you look similar in size as with Harrison. Either way, you look great! I think I looked as big as you when I was 16 weeks or so - ha! Praise God for his provisions for Jefferson's crib! He's so good!

  2. You do look the same with both of them. You are staying really small being that this is a second baby! I got SO big with Tirzah. Haha. :) (Oh...I think there are actually maternity "belts" that are a support for your belly while running, a friend of mine used one while pregnant and she ran through her pregnancy. Might be worth looking into!)


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