Rain Never Stops Us

We've learned middle Tennessee receives its annual rainfall allotment all during a period of two months. This means five or six day stretches of nothing but torrential downfall. I'm not talking about little refreshing showers, I'm talking about torrents of water gushing from the heavens for days. This leaves flooded roads, washed out sidewalks, mud pits the size of a shopping mall, and one very hyper 2 year old with a ton of energy to burn after being cooped up for so many wet days in a row.
So while the rains came down and the floods came up, my boys completely adapted. All you need is a circular loop in the house somewhere and that makes for hours of endless games.
Harrison names the routine something different every night. So far we have played, "1-2-3!", "Get you!", "Ka-chow!", "Ka-chee-ka!", and dozens of other Harrison named chases. But they all involve running the loop on each other's heels and ending in a wrestling heap on the floor. And they all involve a happy little guy, rain and all!


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