Boy in a Berry Patch

We took Harrison strawberry picking... ...and all three of us had a blast!
Harrison browsed the rows of berries for awhile until his Dad showed him he could taste the berries!
After that, Harrison stayed on mission to find the biggest, messiest, juiciest strawberries he could find...
And he was quickly covered head to toe in sticky juice and dirt-and he couldn't have been happier!
He had a blast running up and down the rows, picking, tasting, occasionally contributing a berry to our basket, or "bask" as he called it...
He had a blast and quickly drew a crowd of onlookers amused at his antics!
And the final result? A juicy, sticky face...
...and every bit of it is totally worth it!


  1. :D !!!!!!!!!!


    He is soooooooo cuuuuuute!!!!!!!!!

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!


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