"What You Talking About"

Leave it to kids to say the funniest things. It has been such a blast to see what Harrison will come up with next! (Though some of his thoughts create embarrassing situations in public :)Example: "Mommy! That man has a motocycle!" (It was an elderly gentleman in a motorized scooter) One of my favorites is when Harrison doesn't understand a direction or explanation he will say, "Huh? What you talking about?" Cracks me up every time and he knows it, which would explain why he tries saying it when I catch him doing something he shouldn't. The other day he saw one of our wedding pictures. "Mommy and Daddy get married!" I told him we did and how special it was, etc. I asked him if he wanted to get married when he got older. He said, "Yeah, that'd be nice, Harrison get married, to a girl...and I in charge!" Where he comes up with his thoughts I have no idea, but they leave us in stitches! Most recently we have been studying the account of creation in Genesis. Every day we review what God made on which day. Last night this is the way the conversation went,"What did God make on day five, Harrison?" "Birds and Fish!" "Very good! What did God make on day 6?" "Ummm, all the animals, man, and wal-mart!"


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