In Love With Sand

When we first stepped out onto the white sands of Pensacola Beach, Matt and I were ready for Harrison to run barefoot in glee! Ha! His first reaction was to ask us to wipe it off, clean his feet, etc. After explaining that going barefoot and getting sand between your toes was the general idea, he begged to go home. But that was oh so short lived. By the end of the first day he was beginning his love affair with sand.
By the second day he would run and tackle, roll, and dive, throw and dump sand all over the place! If every square inch of his body was not covered with the soft white sand he would quickly rectify that by a thorough dredging. He would get handfuls, shovel fulls, bucket fulls, and carry them all over the beach occasionally bringing it to one of us saying it was "special sand!" Since I'm a beach lover it was great to share my excitement with Harrison. Since our trip he has asked every day to go to the beach. We'll go back very soon Harrison, very soon!


  1. Oh Meg! I LOVE this post! I cant wait to play with him in the sand! I LOVE the picture of him laying back with his feet up in the air... that needs to be framed!!


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