Two of A Kind

I read a quote recently that said, "Every father should remember that one day his son will follow his example instead of his advice." I believe the "one day" referred to starts very young. Harrison already copies every move Matt makes and follows his every step. When Matt is home from work, you can bet our little guy is right in his shadow at every moment. Harrison already talks about being "in charge like Daddy", and "grow-up tall like Daddy". It is really neat to see how much he desires to be just like Matt, and to watch Matt be such a great father and example for him, and one day soon, to Jefferson as well. What makes Matt such a great father and leader is that he recognizes this natural desire in Harrison to emulate his every move will one day be transferred to someone or something else. Matt's prayer and goal is to shepherd Harrison towards a desire to walk in every step of our Heavenly Father. I am glad that Harrison is already following Matt's example. I feel blessed to know I have two sons who will watch and emulate their wonderful Dad as he leads them towards learning to follow our Heavenly Father.


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