Snakes and Snails

It is no secret that Harrison is a huge fan of the zoo. He is already memorizing his favorite locations to explore and likes to lead us around confidently to each exhibit.
What is funny to me that of all the animals there, the massive elephants, the imposing tigers, the screeching gibbons, this guy is drawn to the slimy and creepy...what a boy!
Check it out, that thing in the water is not a log, it's a 15 ft. boa constrictor and it's one of Harrison's favorite things to look at.
He'll stare at his massive snapping turtle for a long time and then say something like, "He will bite my hand off and eat it all gone!" (That's what he is saying in the above picture.) Where did he come up with that?
The caimans are another favorite with all their sharp teeth. Though don't tell Harrison it's a caiman, to him these are ferocious alligators.
And these huge fresh water fish, which we learned live in streams and ponds all over the Southeast, yuck, will pause him in his fast moving two-year-old tracks. He has a love-hate relationship with this tank and won't touch the glass.
After spending tons of time observing poisonous vipers, disgusting tarantulas, and slimy frogs, Harrison seems content enough. But I guess my day is coming when he will come in from outdoors with pockets writhing with snakes and snails, and many others I don't want to think about right now :)


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