War Wounds

You never know when something is going to happen, especially with a two-year-old daredevil like Harrison. He and I were having a great morning at the zoo blissfully unaware that our day would take an unexpected turn. We had chased meerkats, counted "pink birds" otherwise known as flamingos, and laughed at monkeys, but Harrison had to top all of that.
After a short water break he grabbed a fistful of rocks and started down a steep paved hill to the bridge to throw them in the water. Let's just say he didn't go down the hill on his feet.
He tripped over a stair at the top of the decline and landed on his face. So at 26 weeks pregnant I am running through the zoo with my bloodied toddler screaming in my arms. You would think we would stand out a little bit, but no one stopped to help.
Finally once we had made it back almost to the front an employee at an ice cream stand stopped to help us. She helped clean the blood off both of us and get the rocks out of Harrison's lips. She even distracted him with strawberry dippin dots while I determined if he needed stitches. Thank God he was fine and it had just looked worse with all the blood, but this guy sure knows how to throw some adventure into the day! I know with boys, this is only the beginning :)


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