Not Your Normal Doctor's Visit

How does one end up with picture like this... ...or like this on their camera? By taking your two-year-old to your doctor's appointment.
For the most part, the office is kid friendly, so Harrison has a blast playing with "new toys" and watching Sesame Street.
But when waits run a little long, this guy can sure make an appointment...entertaining.
It only took one visit for him to learn that the front desk keeps suckers on hand. He grabs one on the way in and on the way out.
The nurse also learned that if you let Harrison do something once, he will remember and will have to do it every time. Now at every visit Harrison helps take my blood pressure, my weight, and gets his measurements as well!
After we get into our room and Harrison hears his little brother's heart beat on the doppler he is more than ready to leave. So while I talk to the doctor he gets into my stuff, which is why I have pictures like this on my camera...and I love it!


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