24 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights

How Far Along: 24 weeks

Size of Baby: about 12 inches

Weight Gain: Lost one pound-only because I had been fasting since the night before the doctor's visit for the glucose screening. I'm thinking that pound was made up with my meal right after that appointment! :)

Maternity Clothes: I'd say all maternity pants now except for one pair of regular jeans. Still a 50/50 mix of tops.

Gender: Boy!

Movement: Oh my goodness is this boy strong! For being just a foot long he is a pretty hefty kicker! He is head down right now so all his kicks go straight into my lungs, stomach, and ribs!

Sleep: Pretty good-except for the midnight party Jefferson throws, which I kinda enjoy since it's always great to feel him moving around.

What I Miss: I was out shopping and saw all the cute spring/summer dresses in frilly pinks and florals, totally my style. I'm going to miss wearing some of those cute summer dresses, but hopefully I can wear some towards the end of summer after Jefferson arrives.

Cravings: Matt helped my Taco Bell craving and that has been wonderful! This week I haven't been too hungry, I more like to snack throughout the day as opposed to having a meal. Jefferson is already encroaching on my stomach room, so I get really full, really fast!

Symptoms: My doctor said this was pretty routine for second pregnancies, but my stomach has felt so tight; like I pulled a muscle. I am doing my pilates and running still so my abs are strong, they are just going through the second time of being stretched out which means it will be more tender this time around.

Best Moment of the Week: Getting another ultrasound and seeing Jefferson(who would not cooperate - we have yet to get a really good profile picture of him.) But at one point it looked like he was waving at us on the monitor and Harrison started waving back at him saying, "Hi Jeffrun!" Very sweet to see my two boys "interact".

Harrison holding a ruler, which is, of course, 12 inches long...the size of Jefferson this week. P.S. I passed the glucose screening test...always nice to clear those hurdles. Praise God for a continued healthy pregnancy!


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